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Elementary and Middle School Boundary and Attendance for the 2007-08 School Year

The Board of Education approved the Boundary Committee’s recommendations for the 2007-08 and 2008-09 school years at its September 18, 2006 Board Meeting.  The boundary changes were tied to the opening of Linn Grove Elementary School in the Fall of 2007 and to the opening of Echo Hill Elementary School in the Fall of 2008.  The Linn Grove boundary changes affect students currently at Novak, Indian Creek, and Wilkins.  The Echo Hill boundary changes affect students at Bowman Woods, Westfield, and Oak Ridge Elementary Schools.

The boundary changes were based on enrollment figures that included all students with addresses in the designated school boundary areas.  The reason for doing this was to populate each of the schools with students from the boundary neighborhoods to balance class size and to distribute students appropriately to the capacity of each school building. For the 2007-2008 school year students needed to be moved from Indian Creek, Novak, and Wilkins to relieve over crowding and to populate the new school, Linn Grove.   This meant that students who were attending a school on an in-district transfer were counted with their neighborhood school and were assigned to the neighborhood school, not the school to which they had in-district transferred.  All elementary and middle school enrollment numbers for staffing were figured this way.  Open enrolled students were not counted anywhere until all students were placed by the boundary designation.  The same process was used to determine boundary enrollments for Bowman Woods, Westfield, and Oak Ridge Elementary Schools. 

As the 2006-07 school year progressed, the increasing enrollment at Bowman Woods compelled another look at building capacity and balance of class sizes.  In reviewing the data and two enrollment models—one keeping the boundary change to happen in 2008 as the Board had approved on September 18th, and one advancing the boundary change by a year to the Fall of 2007—the Board approved moving the boundary change date for Bowman Woods to the Fall of 2007.  This results in lowering the number of classrooms at Bowman Woods by two and reducing class size as well.  Oak Ridge Elementary School, which will move to the new Echo Hill building in the Fall of 2008 will increase by four classrooms for the 2007 school year.  Because the Little Lions Pre-School program is moving out of Oak Ridge to Linn Grove, Oak Ridge can accommodate the seventy students from Bowman Woods. Again, the enrollment at Bowman Woods and Oak Ridge only included the students who reside within the boundaries established by the Boundary Committee.  In-district transfer students were not included in the current enrollments. 

The District did not make available in-district transfer forms for the 2007-08 school year because of the opening of a new school and the need to move over 400 children from the school they attended this year to a different school for the 2007-08 school year.  The schools are preparing to send out letters to the parents of their students for the upcoming school year according to the boundaries posted on the website (http://www.linnmar.k12.ia.us/District_Information/boundaries.asp).  This map can be used to verify the school of attendance for 2007-08 for Bowman Woods, Oak Ridge, Linn Grove, Wilkins, Indian Creek, and Novak. Westfield’s boundaries will change in the 2008-09 school year.  In extenuating circumstances, families may make application to the superintendent’s office to continue attendance at their child’s current school of attendance.  Approval of such requests will be based on class size at the requested school and the need of the student. 

The last component of the most recent Board approved boundary change sends the 2006-07 Bowman Woods fifth graders to Oak Ridge for sixth grade rather than to Excelsior.  Parents have been notified of this change.  

Please send questions regarding the boundary changes to info@linnmar.k12.ia.us


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