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Licensing Agreements

Approved for the 2021-22 school year

Linn-Mar Letters

Commercial Agreements

The Linn-Mar Booster Club holds a special Commercial Licensing Agreement with Linn-Mar Community Schools and will not be required to pay royalties for fan wear items sold as monies raised are generally

greater than 8%.

The following vendors have approved commercial agreements and will pay 8% royalties.  Commercial licenses must be renewed every year.

Commercial Licensing Agreement

Vendor Renewal Date
Pel Industries, Inc. August 2022
MH Advertising December 2022
Ohiopyle Prints, Inc. January 2023
Level 10 Apparel January 2023
KMRY Radio January 2023


Non-Commercial Agreements

The following Linn-Mar youth athletic teams/groups/clubs have approved non-commercial agreements and may use District name/logos/artwork royalty-free for member uniforms and approved promotional materials.  Non-Commercial licenses must be renewed every 5 years.

Non Commercial Licensing Agreement


Club/Group Name Renewal Date
New Life Community Church September 2023
Hazel Point Intermediate September 2025
Elite Fitness April 2026
Linn-Mar Basketball Academy August 2026
Linn-Mar Varsity Poms September 2026
Wilkins Elementary PTO October 2026


Youth Athletics:

Sport Team Name Coach/Manager Renewal Date
Baseball LM Gray (13U) Chapa, Lisa February 2023
LM Silver (12U) Page, Troy January 2023
Linn-Mar Schultz, Zach April 2024
Linn-Mar (13U) Schweitzer, Chad January 2024
Softball LM Prowl Buske, Kim January 2024
Linn-Mar Rentschler, Travis January 2022
Basketball LM Lions Axeen, Travis August 2024
Linn-Mar Borchers, Allison September 2024
LM Red Brown, Dave August 2023
LM Black Casebolt, Matt August 2024
LM Black Daubs, Karen August 2024
LM Lightning Downing, Katie August 2026
LM Ballerz Downing, Lanny August 2023
LM Lions 4th Duello, Dan August 2026
LM Lions 2nd Duello, Dan August 2026
LM Legends Erickson, Jim August 2024
LM Heat Farber, David April 2024
LM Energy Feldman, Stacy August 2024
LM Lions Fry, Rick August 2024
Linn-Mar Hoekstra, Eric August 2023
LM Posse 1 Hoskins, Matthew August 2024
LM Lions Lappe, Jake October 2024
LM Force Martin, Andrew August 2024
LM Swish McEowen, David August 2024
Linn-Mar Miller, Todd August 2024
LM Lions Moran, Michael August 2026
LM Storm Mulherin, Casey August 2023
LM Wildcats Nibaur, Greg August 2024
LM Lions Palmer, Adam August 2023
LM Lions Riehl, Brianne August 2024
LM Red Seim, Blair August 2024
LM Red Senters, Travis August 2024
LM Lions Shappee, Jack August 2024
Linn-Mar Steenrod, Chris August 2024
LM Black Troy, Jason August 2024
LM Shooters Wegmann, Brad August 2023
LM Lions Red Wildman, Matt August 2026
LM Pride Whitham, Kristi August 2023

updated 3/31/22