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The Linn-Mar Community School District is using an internet filter called Securly. In order to connect to the Linn-Mar network and access the internet, a Securly security certificate must be installed. Most district owned devices should already have this configuration. However, some of those may have been missed. If you feel as though your Linn-Mar owned device is not set up properly, please open a work order (staff only), including the tag number of the device. Students should have their teacher open any work orders that need to be submitted.

Many people bring their own device, but still wish to connect to our network. This page shows how to get the certificate installed quickly and easily on those devices. Typically, all that is needed is to download the certificate, double click it, and follow the onscreen instructions.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that in order to install this certificate on your cell phone, you will be required to set a PIN. This is a step which can not be undone.

If any image in this section is too small to read, clicking on it should bring up a larger version.

You can get the Securly certificate here.

For help installing on various devices, please use the links below.

How to install on a Mac
How to install on an iPhone/iPad (iOS)
How to install on a phone or tablet running the Android OS
How to install in the Firefox browser
How to install on a Windows device

Any Linn-Mar student or faculty member that installs the Securly certificate on their own device should be able to connect to the LM Student or LM Faculty wireless network, using the same credentials they use to log onto a district owned PC. If you are a guest in our district, please feel free to connect to our guest network.