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Linn-Mar Partners with Edmentum to Provide Online School Option

The Linn-Mar Community School District is excited to announce its new, fully online option for K-12 Linn-Mar students beginning in the fall of 2021. 

The new online option, approved by state regulators, will look different than what we’ve experienced this school year. If you are interested in Linn-Mar’s Online School for the 2021-2022 school year, please read the following information carefully so you can make the best decision for your family.


Students attend school online each day and work to complete learning activities specifically designed for their grade level. The Linn-Mar Online School: 

  • Designed to meet the same high levels of academic rigor present in traditional K-12 public schools.
  • Aligned with Linn-Mar curriculum and Iowa state standards.
  • Online classes could be taught by Linn-Mar teachers or Edmentum instructors depending on grade level and enrollment.
  • The program will rely on strong parent and student participation. 

Online learning will look different next year. Why?

Our teachers have done an AMAZING job this year teaching students in-person, hybrid, and online, but this is not sustainable long-term. All of our teachers have worked extremely hard to continue learning for all students. In grades 7-12, teachers have been teaching to students both at home and online simultaneously, but this amount of planning and preparation simply can’t be sustained long-term. It is our goal to continue to offer online education as an option for families for the long-term. Because of their excellent track record, we chose to partner with Edmentum, a state-approved online curriculum digital learning company. 

What is different?

The Edmentum curriculum meets our state standards but may be different from our Linn-Mar pacing and sequencing. Instruction may be taught by Edmentum or a Linn-Mar teacher. Online learning will rely heavily on parent guidance and will be self-paced. Class sizes may be large and may not be limited to just Linn-Mar students. The daily student schedule will vary greatly by grade level and will not follow the school schedule. The curriculum and amount of Linn-Mar teacher support will vary depending on the student’s grade level:

Kindergarten- 5th Grade Online Learning Program

For students in grades K-5th, online learning will consist of a self-paced curriculum using Calvert Learning through Edmentum. There may not be direct instruction from a Linn-Mar teacher, however, there will be a Linn-Mar teacher providing support. Additional details are still being developed between Linn-Mar and Edmentum, depending on final student enrollment figures. Program registration will take place later this spring. More information on Calvert Learning can be found here:

6th Grade- 12th Grade Online Learning Program

For students in grades 6-12th, online courses will be delivered through Edmentum or Schoology. Depending on the subject/course, this could be a Linn-Mar teacher or an Edmentum teacher. More information on Edmentum courseware can be found here


Applications will be required for online learning. If you enroll in online learning, you will be required to stay with that choice for the entire school year. We will not be able to switch students at the beginning of each quarter.  Applications for online school must be submitted by June 1st, 2021. 

Click here for application.




  • Am I still a Linn-Mar student?
    • Yes, if you choose the online school option, you are still a Linn-Mar student.  Your courses and credits will still count towards your progress in school.  
  • If a student chooses Linn-Mar Online School (LMOS), how long do they need to commit to attend? For the year? The semester?
    • This is a yearly commitment.  Applying for the online school will be for the entire school year.  Students will not be able to move back to onsite instruction.  
  • Can a family outside the Linn-Mar Community School District open enroll in LMOS? 
    • No, this is only for current Linn-Mar students
  • Do I need to fill this application out if I want my child to return to on-site learning?
    • No. This application is only for if you want your child(ren) to attend school online next year.
  • Can I fill this out after June 1st, 2021?
    • No. The deadline for the application for online school closes June 1st 2021. We have to report student online enrollment numbers to Edmentum. Placement will not be guaranteed after this date.
  • Can I change my mind if the district releases updated return to learn guidance regarding COVID measures?
    • No. Your final decision must be determined by June 1st, 2021.

Academic Program

  • Is there an example of another school using Edmentum that we can reference? 
    • Several schools have used Edmentum.  West Des Moines, Johnston, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Mount Vernon, Mid-Prairie, Solon, and others.  
  • Are honors and AP courses going to be offered in LMOS?
  • Are students with IEPs and 504s eligible to apply for LMOS?
    • Yes, all students are eligible to apply.  However, we can not guarantee that we will have all levels of service provided in our online program.
  • What does the daily schedule look like for each grade?
    • For K-5 Calvert Learning recommends the following:
      • Grade      #of hours per day
      • K-2                         3.5
      • 3                             4
      • 4-5                          4.5
    • A primary grade student schedule could look like this:
      • Math                    50 minutes
      • ELA                     70 minutes
      • Science                45 minutes
      • Social Studies     45 minutes
    • For 6-12, the time will be determined by the course, teacher, and course load of the student.
  • What is the difference between LMOS and Homeschool?
    • In homeschool, parents are responsible for the curriculum, standards, and teaching methods.  In Linn-Mar Online school, the curriculum is approved, instructional activities are provided, and the standards are aligned with the state of Iowa standards
  • Why is it split K-5 and 6-12?  
    • The break between 5th and 6th grade is because of how Edmentum structures its curriculum/program.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t fit with our structure, however, it won’t impact our ability to reach students in those grades
  • Are there specials (Art, Music, PE)?
    • Specials are not offered through Edmentum.  Any statewide standards or required coursework will be delivered in other methods to online students. 


  • Can students participate in extracurricular activities and sports?
    • Yes.  Since you are still a Linn-Mar student, you can participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Can students participate in onsite music/orchestra/band co-curricular activities?
    • Yes.  Since you are still a Linn-Mar student, you can participate in co-curricular activities.

Special Learners

  • What if my student has an IEP or 504?
    • Students with an IEP or 504 will meet with their team to ensure we can provide the necessary supports and accommodations outlined within their plan.
  • What additional services are provided?
    • English Language Learners will have access to ELL curriculum and services.  Students will be able to schedule appointments with their school counselor if they need assistance above and beyond what the School Coach can provide.

School Support

  • Will LMOS students have Linn-Mar issued computers and access to ongoing tech support?
    • Yes.  Since you are still a Linn-Mar student, you will have access to district devices and support.
  • Will LMOS students receive meals from school?
    • This is something that we will need to make a decision on later in the school year.  We are unsure of funding for school meals after the end of the 20-21 school year.


If you have any questions about Linn-Mar Online School enrollment or programming, email