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Advanced Placement Classes

All Linn-Mar High School students who meet the prerequisites are able to take AP classes.  Many colleges and universities accept AP courses for college credit, depending on individual exam scores.

AP Art History

Students will develop an understanding and knowledge of diverse historical and cultural contexts of architecture, sculpture, painting and other media. Students examine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression from the past and the present. This course engages students at the same level as an introductory college art history survey and will prepare students to take the AP exam.

AP Biology

This course is an in-depth study of the field of biology. It is designed to prepare students for successful completion of the College Board exam. Areas of emphasis include energy pathways; cell, genetics and genetic engineering; and organisms and their environments.

AP Calculus AB

This course is roughly equivalent to a college Calculus I course devoted to topics in differential and integral calculus, including concepts and skills of limits, derivatives, definite integrals, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

AP Calculus BC

This course is equivalent to a full year of college Calculus, including Calculus I and II.  Students will analyze and solve non-trivial mathematical problems related to calculus. Mathematical modeling and communication will be emphasized. The course surveys the mathematics of change from elementary derivatives through sophisticated integrals to infinite series.

AP Chemistry

This course is a three-quarter block course covering the basics of chemistry at the college level. Students may elect to take the national AP Chemistry exam for college credit in the spring. Areas of emphasis include atomic structure, molecular bonding, thermochemistry, kinetics, and chemical equilibrium.

AP English Literature & Composition

This course is for highly motivated students capable of college level work. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills through the study of complex literature and writing numerous literary analysis. (Offered online as an independent study class through the Iowa Online AP Academy for the 2017-2018 school year.)

AP English Language & Composition

This independent study class is offered through the Iowa Online AP Academy. It will engage students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes.

AP Macroeconomics

This independent study class is offered through the Iowa Online AP Academy. Students will cultivate their understanding of the principles that apply to an economic system as a whole by using principles and models to describe economic situations and predict and explain outcomes with graphs, charts, and data as they explore concepts like economic measurements, markets, macroeconomic models, and macroeconomic policies.

AP Microeconomics

This course will focus on economic concepts (scarcity, choice, incentives); supply, demand, and markets; product markets (production, productivity, competitive markets); resource markets (demand for resources, wage rates); microeconomics of government; microeconomic issues and policies.

AP Music Theory

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop, practice, and master music theory skills essential to success in postsecondary music theory course work.

AP Physics

This is a two-semester block course covering the basics of physics at the college level. Students may elect to take the national AP Physics exam for college credit in the spring. Areas of emphasis include electricity, magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, motion, thermodynamics and optics.

AP Psychology

This course meets for just two quarters in the spring. Many areas of psychology are covered including: history and approaches, states of consciousness, biological bases of behavior, cognition, testing and individual differences, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, abnormal psychology and treatment, and social psychology.

AP Statistics

The course is divided into four major themes: exploratory data analysis, probability, statistical inference, and planning and conducting a study. The content reflects a typical introductory course in statistics.

AP U.S. Government

Several topics are covered in this course including”Constitutional underpinnings, political beliefs & behaviors, political parties, interest groups & mass media, institutions of national government, public policy, and civil rights and civil liberties.

AP U.S. History

This course is designed to prepare students for success on the Advanced placement United States History exam. Students will participate in reading primary and secondary history materials, lectures research projects, and group and individual presentations. College level work is expected in this survey course which covers the full range of United States history from the earliest European explorations to the present.

AP World History

This course is designed to develop a comprehensive knowledge of World History. The course will help students prepare for the AP exam in May. Taking the AP exam is not required in order to receive credit for this course.