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Students are identified for participation in the Linn-Mar TAG/LEO program based on their high potential in the areas of academic achievement and ability. Students are formally screened in grades 2 through 8. The records of students new to the district will be evaluated as needed.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Classroom teachers and the LEO teacher complete an observation inventory which focuses on behaviors associated with giftedness. These inventory responses are cumulative for each student from all three grades.

Spring of 2nd Grade

Based on results of the observation inventory, as well as the most recent Northwest Evaluation Association  Measures of Academic Progress(NWEA MAP) tests, students will be screened for further assessment. A group of students at each elementary building will be recommended to complete a small group assessment using the Cognitive Abilities Test. The results of this assessment and the NWEA MAP tests will determine a group of students being recommended for LEO classes at each building beginning in their third grade year.

3rd through 8th Grades

Each year students are reconsidered for LEO/TAG placement based on current Iowa Assessments, Cognitive Abilities Tests, and Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) test information. Iowa Assessment and NWEA MAP test information is used to determine placement in high school TAG. Students will not be formally re-identified after 8th grade.