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Echo Hill  Elementary

Preschool/ECBP Programs

The Linn-Mar Community School District offers programs for four and five year old children. The number of sections, the location sites, and daily schedules for these programs will be determined by the district after schools have collected the data needed for making these decisions.

Early Childhood Blended Program

Four Year Olds

Children will have the opportunity to participate in a year of half-day, four day a week, school-based experience with a focus on social, emotional, behavioral growth while still supporting academics. This program utilizes Creative Curriculum, which aligns with the Iowa Early Learning Standards. Four year old children will be served in a blended classroom with either three year olds or five year olds.

For more information on the Early Childhood programs please contact Kristin C. Hicks, Director of Early Childhood and Transitions at the Learning Resource Center 319-730-3627.