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All Linn-Mar schools are closed through April 12, 2020.

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Early Childhood Blended Program (ECBP)

Children not yet ready for our standard kindergarten program will be offered all-day programming.  The ECBP program offers a blended approach to learning that includes a mix of early childhood education and elementary education.  The school day will focus on social, emotional and behavioral growth as well as have a literacy and math focus.

ECBP students will be exposed to Linn-Mar’s math curriculum, Everyday Mathematics at both PK and Kindergarten levels, depending on their skills and understanding. Creative Curriculum is utilized throughout the school day which is based on early childhood theories and research. It creates purposeful and productive play experiences that help children grow in all areas. The goal of the Creative Curriculum is for children to become independent, self-confident, curious learners who work well with others. The Early Childhood Blended Program uses SPLASH into Pre-K which is a comprehensive coverage of all the critical domains and fully integrates all curricular areas of learning through the program. Every aspect of SPLASH into Pre-K was intentionally designed and developed ensuring seamless teaching and learning and Kindergarten readiness.

The first Monday of each month (with the exception of Labor Day) will be Professional Development time for staff and children will not attend. Enrollment in this program will be determined by data collected from parents and through the screening process to help identify how we can best meet your child’s needs. To help us with the process, parents are asked to fill out the Linn-Mar Kindergarten Information Sheet. A year of ECBP is followed by a year of full day kindergarten. A student attending ECBP would be considered as being retained in kindergarten. Parents should also plan on attending the Kindergarten Information Night at their neighborhood schools.

Parents know their child best, therefore, this information will be used along with information gleaned during the screening process. The main areas that will be considered include: social readiness (e.g. separates easily, follows directions), fine motor skills (e.g. cutting, prints name), pre-reading skills (e.g. letter identification, rhyming), and pre-math skills (e.g. number recognition, sorting).  All ECBP locations will be Novak Elementary.


Screenings will be conducted on February 21st and 24th, 2020.  If you plan on having your child screened, please follow this link or contact Dianne Van Praag at 447-3015 to set up an appointment.

Within all programming options, the developmental needs of the child will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the current placement is appropriate for the child. Teacher and parent communication is important during the first several months of school so that the educational experience of the child is successful.

Elementary Teaching and Learning Director: Karla Ries