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TQSA- Focusing on Teacher Quality and Student Achievement

2018-2019 Members

Nathan Wear, associate superintendent
Bob Read, director of innovations
Ryan Kreher, Echo Hill Elementary
Carol O’Donnell, principal of Novak Elementary
Steven Starkey, associate principal of Excelsior Middle School
Mary Symmonds, Echo Hill Elementary
Jeanne Turner, Linn-Mar High School
Debra Barry, Novak Elementary
Shannon Bisgard (ex officio), superintendent

Duties of the Teacher Quality Student Achievement Committee

  1. Monitor the local implementation of the Student Achievement and Teacher Quality program.
  2. Following the Iowa Professional Development Model, determine the use and distribution of professional development funds.
  3. Monitor the professional development in each attendance center to ensure that professional development meets the school district, agency, attendance center, and individual professional development plans.
  4. Monitor the district teacher evaluation requirements to ensure they are conducted in a fair and consistent manner throughout the school district or agency.
  5. Ensure the agreement negotiated pursuant to Chapter 20 determine the compensation for teachers on the committee for work responsibilities required beyond the normal workday.

Senate file 277 (SF277), passed in 2007, requires each district and AEA to create a teacher quality committee with equal representation of administrators and teachers. The committee must function under the Iowa Open Meetings Law or Iowa Code Chapter 21. This includes conforming to the requirements regarding the timelines related to postings of meeting agendas, retention of official minutes and records.

TQSA Handbook 2017-18


2018-2019: The committee will meet on Wednesdays in the LRC Conference Room 5 from 4-5 pm on the following dates:

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