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Logos and Licensing

Lion-Mar Lions - Lion head logoRights to use the district’s name, the phrase “Linn-Mar Lions,” the Linn-Mar Lion artwork and spirit logos must be obtained via a signed licensing agreement with the Linn-Mar Community School District. These items may be used only with permission from the District. Licensed and proper use of the district’s artwork will ensure the maximum level of quality and consistency throughout our community.

Specific instructions for how to correctly use Linn-Mar’s lion and logos can be found in our Brand Design Guidelines¬†manual. Please download the Linn-Mar style guide and review these standards prior to producing branded items.

Commercial vendors producing ANY Linn-Mar items for sale must obtain a Commercial Licensing Agreement with Linn-Mar Community Schools.

Non-Commercial groups/clubs/activities/athletics associated with Linn-Mar Community School District must apply for a Non-Commercial Licensing Agreement with the district if they want to use the district’s trademarked name or copyrighted materials marks, logos or images from the Brand Design Guidelines manual. This license allows for group members only to use the lion and logos royalty free. Please note that “fan” items are not allowed to be produced using a non-commercial agreement. (For example, a youth sports team could produce uniforms for their players under this agreement, but not t-shirts to sell to their parents only and other fans.)

In addition, groups using a non-commercial license will be required to submit a list of members to the district – including participants’ schools for verification that all members of the group are Linn-Mar students.

To apply for a licensing agreement with the district, please download the appropriate documents from this page and returned a signed copy to Linn-Mar Community Schools c/o the Business Office, 2999 North Tenth Street, Marion, IA 52302. The agreement will be reviewed for accuracy and, once approved, the requesting group’s representative will be notified that the group may proceed with the use of the district’s name, appropriate marks, logos, or images.

Linn-Mar Code of Conduct (Commercial)

Linn-Mar Code of Conduct (Non-Commercial)
LICENSE AGREEMENT non commercial

©Linn-Mar Community School District. The lion mascot logo and the LM logos are trademarks owned by Linn-Mar Community School District. These logos are also copyrighted by Linn-Mar Community School District. All rights reserved.