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Attendance Exception Requests are Due March 1st, Annually

Parents/guardians of Linn-Mar resident students wishing to attend a Linn-Mar school outside their assigned attendance center area must submit their annual request for an attendance exception request in writing by March 1st. Letters may be mailed to Nathan Wear, Associate Superintendent/Chief Academic Officer, 2999 N 10th Street, Marion, IA 52302. Requests will be evaluated after an assessment of classroom seat space is made. Requests are NOT guaranteed from year to year. Interested parents/guardians should be aware that transportation is NOT available to students receiving approval for an attendance exception request. Contact Nathan Wear, Associate Superintendent, for questions at 319-447-3028.

Past Due Funds

Linn-Mar Community School District has contracted with eTech Transaction Solution, Inc., to facilitate the District with a collection recovery plan. Items 90 days past due will be turned over to eTech Transaction Solutions for collection. Checks returned due to non-sufficient funds will be re-presented electronically and charged a collection fee at the maximum allowed by the state. If you have any questions regarding this procedure please call the District office at (319) 447-3000.

Nutrition Services Charge Policy

  • Elementary students will be provided a meal.
  • At Middle School, when the amount owed is more than $15.00, a substitute sandwich, such as peanut butter and jelly, will be served until charges are paid in full. Allergies will be taken into consideration.
    High School students are not allowed to charge meals. Students must have a sufficient account balance to make a
  • purchase.

If you are having problems paying for school meals, please contact us. We will make every attempt to work out a payment plan or help you apply for assistance.

In keeping with Linn-Mar’s collection recovery plan, meal accounts carrying a negative balance of $50.00, for over 90 days, will be turned over to eTech Transaction Solutions for collections.

Checks returned due to nonsufficient funds will be re-presented electronically and charged a collection fee. The amount of the check will be debited from the family meal account which may create a negative meal account balance. Upon notification that the check has been cleared with eTech, the meal account will be credited for the amount of the check

Teacher Qualifications Notice

Parents and guardians in the Linn-Mar Community School District have the right to learn about the following qualifications of their child’s teacher/paraprofessional: state licensure requirements for the grade level and content areas taught, the current licensing status of the child’s teacher, and baccalaureate/graduate certification/degree. The qualifications of an instructional paraprofessional who serves the student in a Title I program may also be requested.

Parents and guardians may request this information from the Human Resources Office, 2999 North 10th Street, Marion, Iowa 52302, or by calling 319-447-3004.

The Linn-Mar Community School District ensures that parents will be notified in writing if their child has been assigned, or has been taught, for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not considered highly qualified.