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Current Projects

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Linn-Mar Administration Building

Bids Due Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 at 1:00 PM


Planned Summer 2023:

Linn-Mar Stadium Parking Lot Expansion

Oak Ridge Middle School Roof replacement

New High School Tennis Courts Near Baseball/Softball Complex

Past PPEL Construction Projects

The Physical Plant & Equipment Levy, PPEL, is the main revenue source used to maintain infrastructure investments. It is a property tax that allows local schools to support infrastructure and equipment needs.

Photos of PPEL Projects

Projects the District has used PPEL Revenue to Improve/Replace


Roadway and Parking lot improvements at Excelsior

Turf replacement Linn-Mar Stadium

Roof improvements: Learning Resource Center, Bowman Woods, Echo Hill, and Novak.


Wilkins- Final phase of classroom renovations
Bowman Woods- Fire Alarm replacement
Indian Creek- Replacement of gym HVAC unit


Bowman Woods, Indian Creek, and Wilkins-Flooring Updates.

Wilkins Relocated/Expanded library


Renovation projects to Bowman Woods, Indian Creek, Excelsior, Oak Ridge and Linn-Mar High School. Projects include restroom remodel, locker replacement, roof replacement, and security/access control updates.

Restroom Renovations to Bowman Woods, Indian Creek, and Wilkins
Additional Modular Classroom and Parking Lot Expansion at Indian Creek
Parking Lot Expansion at Novak and Replacement at Westfield
Fire Suppression System at the Learning Resource Center

High School Renovation Project
High School Kitchen Renovation
Oak Ridge Middle School Cafeteria Expansion
Westfield Elementary Addition

High School Renovation Project
High School Kitchen Renovation
Oak Ridge Middle School Cafeteria Expansion
Westfield Elementary Addition

High School Renovation Project

Linn-Mar Aquatic Center

High School – switchgear replacement, east parking lot
Indian Creek – fiber optic, roof replacement
Bowman Woods – roof replacement

Oak Ridge – relocate shop area, lockers

Excelsior – A/C kitchen, fire sprinklers
Oak Ridge – office space, lockers
High School – roof repairs

Armstrong Field Press Box – siding and roof repairs
Oak Ridge – lockers
Bowman Woods – Dumpster enclosure

Echo Hill – land purchase
Excelsior – storage building, well, additional service walks, outdoor bathroom/concession area renovations
High School – fire sprinklers
Wilkins – A/C in two rooms

Westfield – shelter house
High School – water loop heat system, fire sprinklers
Wilkins – roof replacement
Indian Creek – A/C computer room

Echo Hill – land purchase
Excelsior – A/C main office area
High School – roof replacement
Wilkins – roof replacement, A/C media center

Excelsior – locker tops
High School – boiler improvement, aquaculture lab, fire doors, softball field fence
Novak – cabinets
Wilkins – raise media center floor
Bowman Woods – roof replacement

Excelsior – enclose freezer, cafeteria panels/blinds
High School – softball sidewalk & steps

Oak Ridge – land purchase
High School – auditorium seats & signage, softball fields upgrade, athletic fields sprinkler systems, football bleachers
Indian Creek – ceramic tile, plumbing upgrade
Bowman Woods – roof replacement, electrical work, classroom remodel

Westfield – parking lot extension
Excelsior – additional asphalt, site lighting
High School – roof replacement
Novak – roof replacement, asphalt
Indian Creek – site improvement
Bowman Woods – roof replacement

Linn Grove – land purchase
High School – roof replacement
Indian Creek – roof replacement
Bowman Woods – roof replacement

High School – roof replacement, asphalt
Novak – remodeling

PERL Construction Projects

The Public Education and Recreation Levy, PERL, is a special revenue fund approved by voters in an election for recreation places, playgrounds and community education on school property.

Projects the District has used PERL Revenue to Improve/Replace

  • Excelsior Tennis Courts
  • A portion of the Baseball/Softball complex
  • Community Education

SILO Construction Projects

On February 13, 2007, Voters in Linn County approved a 10 year School Infrastructure Local Option (SILO) Sales Tax. SILO tax revenues will be distributed across all school districts in Linn County for the first five years of the tax. For the remaining half of the approved time, approximately 33% of the revenue will be sent to the State to be distributed among all state school districts, using a formula prescribed by law based on revenue generated by retail sales in the various parts of the state.

Projects the District has used SILO Revenue to Improve/Replace

  • Build the new Novak Elementary school (Completed June 2010)
  • Air condition five schools (Westfield and Novak completed Fall 2009; Bowman Woods, Indian Creek and Wilkins completed Fall 2010)
  • Purchase 15 acres east of Highway 13 for a future elementary school
  • Install parking lot at Learning Resource Center (former Novak Elementary)
  • Relocate Armstrong Field & install additional high school parking (Completed Spring 2011) 
  • Purchase property to relocate Transportation and Operations & Maintenance (Completed Fall 2010)
  • Purchase 86 acres at C Avenue and Echo Hill Road for a possible future secondary building. (2010)
  • Relocate the baseball and softball fields to the Oak Ridge property. (Completed Spring 2013)
  • Build the Linn-Mar Aquatics Center east of the stadium (Completed Fall 2013)
  • High School Renovation (Completed 2017)

Bond Referendum Construction Projects

On January 24, 2006, Linn-Mar voters overwhelmingly approved a $27.5 million bond referendum to build two new elementary schools, renovate and update the High School, renovate and update Novak Elementary and convert Oak Ridge to a middle school.