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Teacher Leadership Program

What is Teacher Leadership at Linn-Mar? Teacher Leadership is an opportunity for teachers to help their colleagues by sharing instructional resources, areas of expertise, and effective teaching strategies in a variety of roles in and out of the classroom setting.  If we hire talented individuals with strong collaborative skills, then work to develop an understanding of our instructional framework through High Reliability Schools, our teacher leaders will coach staff members to increase and improve instruction to meet our district and building goals.  (Italicized new language)

Linn-Mar Teacher Leaders work with adult learners, communicate with the staff and Linn-Mar Teacher Leadership Goals

  • Improve instruction to increase student performance and achievement through collaboration on school improvement initiatives with the building principal.
  • Increase opportunities for collaboration between teachers through collaboration with building PLC’s.
  • Increase professional development and leadership opportunities for staff through collaboration with level director of teaching and learning.
  • Attract and retain new teachers by providing ongoing professional development, classroom support, and a comprehensive mentoring program for first- and second-year teachers.

New Positions for 2020-21:

Staffing will be added to address student and staff growth as well as the addition of two new intermediate buildings.

  • 3 Full-time instructional coaches (Boulder Peak, Hazel Point, and High School)
  • 1 Full-time technology coach

Plan changes for 2020-21:

Additional Resources:

For questions on the Teacher Leadership Program contact:

Nathan Wear, Associate Superintendent/Chief Academic Officer
319-447-3028 / Email

Bob Read, Director of Innovations
319-447-3016 / Email