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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


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  • The Linn-Mar Diversity and Equity Committee was established during the 2021-2022 school year to support Linn-Mar’s focus on equity for all students. Are you are interested in joining the committee? Click here to apply.
  • Committee By-Laws
  • The committee has developed themes to help focus on guide the committee’s work.
    • Enhance the role of the educational program to give context, support and tools for students to handle those that are different from them
    • Increase allies and support systems across the district
    • Build a strong communication system
    • Align families with the most appropriate and most critical resources within the community
    • Investigate Restorative Discipline policies for discrimination
    • Celebrate the beliefs and values of our district in regards to diversity and equity

Committee Members

  • Sue Atwater, Linn-Mar staff member
  • Erica Bernard, parent
  • Jo-Smith Brizard, parent
  • Ellen Bruckner, community member, Secretary
  • Ana Clymer, community member
  • Sheri Crandall, Linn-Mar staff member
  • Jessica Horaney, parent, Committee Chair
  • Cara Lausen, parent
  • Richard Luth, parent
  • Joshua Milam, community member
  • Ryan Phillips, Linn-Mar staff member
  • Jane Thurm, parent
  • Student representative, Linn-Mar HS
  • Rachel Wall, Linn-Mar School Board representative (ex-officio)
  • Nathan Wear, Linn-Mar Associate Superintendent (ex-officio)

Contact information

If you would like to reach out to the equity committee, or have any equity-relation questions, please direct your email to to:

  • Contact: Nathan Wear
  • Phone: 319-447-3000
  • email: