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Health Services

All buildings in our district are staffed full-time with health assistants and registered nurses. It is our goal to provide your child with a safe and healthy learning environment.

Building Nurses Nurses’
Phone Numbers
Health Assistants Health Assistants’ Phone Numbers
High School Nancy Kleitsch, RN     Kelly Hennings, RN (319) 447-3081 (319) 447-3055  Ashley Schilling  (319) 447-3080
Compass Center Nancy Kleitsch, RN (319) 447-3080
Success Center Nancy Kleitsch, RN (319) 447-3080
Middle Schools
Excelsior Megan Blaha, RN (319) 200-1705  Brandy Taylor (319) 447-3137
Oak Ridge K’Dean Dunnwald, RN (319) 200-1605 Barb Lorenz (319) 447-3415
Intermediate Schools
Boulder Peak Megan Blaha, RN  (319) 200-1705 Ann Blazek (319) 200-1706
Hazel Point K’Dean Dunnwald, RN  (319) 200-1605 Jenny Fredrickson (319) 200-1606
Elementary Schools
Bowman Woods Dani Allensworth, RN (319) 200-1596 Sarah Rogers (319) 447-3243
Echo Hill Abbi Riniker, RN (319) 447-3082 Andrea Martin (319) 730-3564
Indian Creek Abbi Riniker, RN (319) 447-3082 Stephanie Rosendale (319) 447-3273
Linn Grove Kelly Hennings, RN (319) 447-3055 Carley Koch (319) 730-3504
Novak Abbi Riniker, RN (319) 447-3082 Candy Lentner (319) 447-3304
Westfield Dani Allensworth, RN (319) 200-1596 Heidi Becker (319) 447-3356
Wilkins Dani Allensworth, RN (319) 200-1596 Elizabeth Blanchett (319) 447-3385

Emergency Contacts

Should an accident occur or your child becomes ill, the student’s parent/guardian(s) will be notified at once. A student is never sent home unless arrangements are made with authorized persons as identified on the emergency card. At registration you will be asked to supply the phone number of an emergency contact person other than the primary parent/guardian phone number in case a student becomes ill or is injured. Please be sure that the neighbor, friend, or relative is aware that you have given their number as an emergency phone number. If an emergency exists and no one can be reached, school personnel will contact the hospital or doctor indicated on the student’s emergency contact card. If at any time during the school year your emergency contact information changes, please notify the school immediately, so that records may be kept current.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recess & Physical Education

Students in elementary/middle school should be allowed to refrain from participation in physical education classes/recess for health-related reasons for three consecutive classes/days with a written request from the parent/guardian. A physician’s note explaining the nature of the limitation and recommended length of non-participation shall be requested after the third excused class. High school students require a physician’s note to be excused from physical education class.

Too Sick for School

Each day parents are faced with a decision: should they keep their student home or send them ill to school. A student should remain at home when he or she:

  • Vomits or has diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • Has oral temperature higher than 100.0 degrees
  • Coughs almost constantly or complains of difficulty breathing

Keeping a sick student home prevents the spread of illness at school. It allows the student opportunity to rest and recover. A ill student cannot learn effectively and is unable to participate in a meaningful way.

Head Lice

In accordance with the State of Iowa and Linn County Departments of Public Health, Linn-Mar Community Schools has implemented a plan that will support families by emphasizing prevention, early detection, and education in the management of head lice.

Family involvement is very important in preventing head lice outbreaks and families must actively participate at home in the treatment of head lice. Our goal is to support families and keep students in school,

Students with head lice will not be excluded from school. Treatment is recommended before returning to school.

For more information visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Medication in School

Prescription and non-prescription medications will only be administered during the school day with written authorization from the parent/guardian. All medications are to be brought to school by parent/guardian. No medication is to be kept by the student in their desk, lockers, backpacks or on their person.

Prescription Medication

Prescription medication must be supplied to the school in the original, labeled pharmacy prescription container. The pharmacy will provide you with a second bottle upon request. The label must include the name of the student, the name of the medication, dosage prescribed, frequency, and the name of prescribing physician. The medication permission form signed by parent/guardian must be on file. A physician signature is not required on the form.

In accordance with Iowa law (Code 280.16) a student with asthma or another airway-constricting disease may possess their medications while in school and at school-sponsored activities. The district shall incur no liability for an injury arising from self-administration. The student is responsible for having medications available and maintaining a self-administration record. If the student abuses self-administration, permission may be withdrawn. An Emergency Medication to Carry Form must be on file signed by parent/guardian AND physician.

Non-Prescription (over-the-counter) Medications

Elementary and Intermediate School (Grades PK-4)

A physician/dentist signature is required before any non-prescription medication will be given. This includes acetaminophen, ibuprofen and cough/allergy medications. All of these medications are to be provided by a parent/guardian.

Middle School/High School (Grades 5-12)

In accordance with Health Services protocols for common complaints of pain or illness, students may have limited, non-prescription medications with written authorization by the parent only. No physician/dentist signature required. The medication must be kept in health office. Students in grades 5-12 will be allowed a limited number of standard dose acetaminophen or ibuprofen each year. The standard dose of acetaminophen and ibuprofen will be provided by Linn-Mar Health Services. All other over the counter medications for grades 5-12 must be supplied by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must supply any over the counter medication that needs to be given liquid/chewable form or different than the standard dose supplied by Linn-Mar Health Services.

Physicals and Screenings

Physical Examinations


The State of Iowa requires that all children be immunized before they may attend school. Your student’s health records will be audited for completion. If he or she is not properly immunized, you will be notified of steps to take to ensure your student remains in school.

Immunization Requirements

Hearing Screening

Hearing Screening: Grant Wood Area Education Agency (GWAEA) screens all students in 3-year preschool learners with IEPs, 4-year-old preschool, AK/Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 5th grade learners.

Follow-up testing may occur periodically if previous hearing test results were not within normal limits. Parent/guardians not wishing their child’s hearing tested should notify the health office in writing at the beginning of the year. Parents/guardians with concerns about their child’s hearing should contact the school nurse.

Additional information can be found in the Annual Screening Parent Notification letter.

Vision Screening

Iowa law requires that any student entering kindergarten and third grade have a vision screening. To be valid, the vision screening shall be performed no earlier than one year prior to the date of enrollment and no later than six months after the date of the child’s enrollment into both kindergarten and third grade. The vision screening may be conducted by a physician, optometrist, advanced nurse practitioner, physician assistant, local public health department, public or accredited nonpublic school, community-based organization, free clinic, or child care center. An online screening may be conducted by a child’s parent or guardian.

Please return the Certificate of Vision Screening form to the school health office.

Dental Screening

Iowa law requires students entering kindergarten and ninth grade to provide the school with proof of a dental check-up received within the last year.

Please take the Certificate of Dental Screening form to your dental provider to sign. Please return to the health office.