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Due to the forecasted weather, all after school and evening activities at Linn-Mar will be canceled/postponed.

Aquatic Center

Linn-Mar Aquatic Center
Address: 3457 N 10th Street, Marion, IA 52302
Phone: (319) 892-4800
Manager: Parker Craw / Email

The Aquatic Center is located directly east of the Linn-Mar Stadium (within the High School complex).
Aquatic Center Website

The Linn-Mar Aquatic Center Features:

  • Separate district facility that services all the students of Linn-Mar Community School District
  • Myrtha pool which is 33 1/3 meters long by 25 yards wide with a movable bulkhead
  • Racing courses that have eight nine-foot wide 25-yard lanes with an additional five seven-foot wide lanes that can be used for warm-up and cool-down
  • Competitor Gold six-inch diameter lane lines
  • Depending on the location of the bulkhead, the depth of the racing course is either:
    • Twelve-foot deep at the starting end and seven-feet deep at the turn end
    • Seven-foot depth at the starting end and four-foot depth at the turn end
  • Myrtha starting blocks used at the Olympic Games that include wedges and side rails
  • A twelve-foot deep diving well with two Durafirm one-meter stands each having 16-foot Maxiflex Model B diving boards
  • Surface agitation jets installed underneath both diving  boards
  • Daktronics Timing System with eight-foot touch pads, two  button backup and individual lane speakers
  • Daktronics Eight-Lane Timing Scoreboard
  • Separate Daktronics Video Display Board
  • High power dehumidification system for the entire Aquatic Center
  • Additional air filtration system located on the deck that eliminates chloramines above the water surface
  • High pressure DE filtration system that includes an ultraviolet light treatment system
  • Twenty feet of deck space around the perimeter of the pool
  • Stadium seating for about 500 spectators
  • Air handlers located above the spectator seating for cooling stadia areas
  • Media-grade quality venue lighting surrounding the pool
  • Clear and crisp high quality sounding PA system
  • Climate controlled entrance, lobby and concessions area located outside the stadia seating
  • Parking available around the Aquatic Center

Lap Swim

Lap swim is offered at the Linn-Mar Community Aquatic Center. Adults and Linn-Mar High School students are welcome to swim laps during the times the pool is open for lap swim.

For more information about Lap Swim at the Aquatic Center, please visit the district’s Team Unify website.