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All Linn-Mar schools are closed through the remainder of the academic year.

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Community Resources To Provide Lunch During Summer Break

Feeding Lunches to Youth (F.L.Y.) serves free sack lunches each weekday through the summer months when school is not in session. The F.L.Y. program will provide lunches from 12:00 – 12:45 PM, starting June 4th. These lunches are donated through generous local churches and community organizations.

Anyone who needs one can pick up a lunch at any of the sites listed below. Be on the lookout for the F.L.Y. banner!

Squaw Creek Village

Marion Village

Valley View Apartments

Chapel Ridge

Eagle Ridge

Vernon Middle School

Westfield Elementary

Novak Elementary

Linn Grove Elementary

Wilkins Elementary

Bowman Woods Elementary

School Lunch Provided During Closure

Linn-Mar Community School District will be providing school lunch for all children and teens 18 and younger each weekday (Monday-Friday) from March 23 through June 3.  District employees and volunteers will be setting up grab-and-go lunch to let students and families pick up meals.  These meals will be distributed at no charge. Six sites will serve as meal-pick up locations for families, along with four meal delivery locations.  


Grab-and-go meals will be available for pick-up from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the following locations:

  1. Bowman Woods Elementary – 151 Boyson Road NE Cedar Rapids, IA 
  2. Linn Grove Elementary – 2301 50th Street Marion, IA
  3. Novak Elementary – 401 29th Avenue Marion, IA
  4. Westfield Elementary –  901 East Main Street NE Robins, IA
  5. Wilkins Elementary – 2127 27th Street Marion, IA
  6. Linn-Mar High School – 3111 North 10th Street Marion, IA

In addition to the pick-up locations listed above, grab-and-go meals will be delivered to the following locations between 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.:

  1. Chapel Ridge Apartments –  1 Chapel Ridge Circle Marion, IA (added 3/19/20)
  2. Marion Village Mobile Home Park – 700 35th Street Marion, IA
  3. Squaw Creek Mobile Home Park – 6201 Hennessey Parkway Marion, IA
  4. Valley View Apartments – 635 Ashton Place NE Cedar Rapids, IA

Note that the meal distribution methods will be designed to minimize person-to-person contact and students/adults will not be permitted to enter district buildings.  



Menus are updated to reflect changes due to school cancellations.

Per USDA requirements students are required to choose ½ cup serving of fruit or vegetable as part of breakfast and lunch. The ‘meal deal’ is the best value in terms of price and nutrition. Encourage your students to select one fruit or vegetable daily – it’s the best choice in terms of nutrition and cost!

Please Note:  We are always in the process of updating nutritional information for our products. While reasonably accurate, there will be changes in the nutrient information as our database is updated. If you have questions about a particular item, please contact the Nutrition Services office at (319) 447-3302.

10 Tips: Choose MyPlate

Use MyPlate to build your healthy eating style and maintain it for a lifetime. Choose foods and beverages from each MyPlate food group. Make sure your choices are limited in sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars. Start with small changes to make healthier choices you can enjoy.

NOTE: An earlier version of this tip sheet is also available in 19 additional languages.
1. Find your healthy eating style
Creating a healthy style means regularly eating a variety of foods to get the nutrients and calories you need. MyPlate’s tips help you create your own healthy eating solutions—“MyWins.”
2. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
Eating colorful fruits and vegetables is important because they provide vitamins and minerals and most are low in calories.
3. Focus on whole fruits
Choose whole fruits—fresh, frozen, dried, or canned in 100% juice. Enjoy fruit with meals, as snacks, or as a dessert.

4. Vary your veggies
Try adding fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables to salads, sides, and main dishes. Choose a variety of colorful vegetables prepared in healthful ways: steamed, sauteed, roasted, or raw.
5. Make half your grains whole grains
Look for whole grains listed first or second on the ingredients list—try oatmeal, popcorn, whole-grain bread, and brown rice. Limit grain-based desserts and snacks, such as cakes, cookies, and pastries.

6. Move to low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt 
Choose low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, and soy beverages (soymilk) to cut back on saturated fat. Replace sour cream, cream, and regular cheese with low-fat yogurt, milk, and cheese.
7. Vary your protein routine
Mix up your protein foods to include seafood, beans and peas, unsalted nuts and seeds, soy products, eggs, and lean meats and poultry. Try main dishes made with beans or seafood like tuna salad or bean chili.
8. Drink and eat beverages and food with less sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars
Use the Nutrition Facts label and ingredients list to limit items high in sodium, saturated fat, and added sugars. Choose vegetable oils instead of butter, and oil-based sauces and dips instead of ones with butter, cream, or cheese.
9. Drink water instead of sugary drinks
Water is calorie-free. Non-diet soda, energy or sports drinks, and other sugar-sweetened drinks contain a lot of calories from added sugars and have few nutrients.

10. Everything you eat and drink matters
The right mix of foods can help you be healthier now and into the future. Turn small changes into your “MyPlate, MyWins.”