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Menus & Allergies

Per USDA requirements students are required to choose ½ cup serving of fruit or vegetable as part of breakfast and lunch. The ‘meal deal’ is the best value in terms of price and nutrition. Encourage your students to select one fruit or vegetable daily – it’s the best choice in terms of nutrition and cost!

Please Note:  We are always in the process of updating nutritional information for our products. While reasonably accurate, there will be changes in the nutrient information as our database is updated. If you have questions about a particular item, please contact the Nutrition Services office at (319) 447-3302.




Menu Date Nutrition
Elementary  February – March  Nutrition Analysis
Middle School February 5-March 30  Nutrition Analysis
 High School  February 12- March 23  Nutritional Analysis
Food Court February 26-March 9 Nutritional Analysis

Menus are updated to reflect changes due to school cancellations.

Milk Allergies

USDA requires that beverages substituted for milk in the National School Lunch Program be nutritionally equivalent to milk. Students at Linn-Mar may request lactose-free milk providing we have a current physician’s statement on hand, documenting the allergy/intolerance.

If you would like lactose-free milk available for your child, please return the following documents to the Health Office at your child’s school or to the Nutrition Services office.

  1. Current statement from your physician documenting the allergy/intolerance.
  2. Completed Dairy Milk Substitution Request Form.

You are always welcome to send a beverage with your child. We encourage other milk substitute or 100% juice. Please do not send soda as an alternate beverage. It is not necessary to provide any documentation if you will be sending a beverage from home.