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Open Enrollment Requests

Iowa open enrollment law allows parents/guardians to enroll their student in a public school district other than their district of residence by completing an open enrollment application.

Open enrollment forms can be submitted electronically OR hard copy to:
Terri Mohler, Admin Asst to the Associate Superintendent
Linn-Mar Community School District
2999 N 10th Street – Room 200
Marion IA 52302
319-447-3014 / Email

Click here for guidelines regarding Open Enrollment

Click here to download the 2021-2022 Open Enrollment Application

Click here to download the 2022-2023 Open Enrollment Application


Deadlines for Submitting OE Requests:

Students considering open enrollment into another Iowa public school district should be aware of the following deadlines:

  • Deadline for grades 1-12: March 1st of the school year preceding enrollment
  • Deadline for Kindergarten: September 1st of the school year they will begin enrollment

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continued enrollment growth and lack of space, OE requests for grades 1-12 will not be accepted after the March 1st deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Click here to visit the Iowa Department of Education website for additional information.

How do I apply?

You may request an open enrollment application from any Iowa school district, area education agency, or the Iowa Department of Education. An application must be completed for each student and filed with the resident school district. Please note that application approval will be based, in part, on the school district’s ability to provide appropriate classroom space to students.

When do I apply?

  • For students in 1st-12th grades, OE forms must be filed with the resident district by March 1st of the school year preceding enrollment. For example, an application must be filed by March 1, 2019 to be approved for the 2019-20 school year that begins in August 2019.
  • For kindergarten students the deadline is September 1st of the school year they will begin enrollment. For example, if a student will start kindergarten in August 2019; the deadline is Sept 1, 2019.

Note: In some cases, students may qualify for “good cause” approval after the OE deadlines. For example, a change in the address in which the family’s residence is located.

Does an OE application need to be filed for each individual student?    Yes

Does an OE application need to be filed on an annual basis?

No. Once an application is approved, your student may continue in the receiving district until they graduate or you move from your resident district.

Can I choose which school my student will attend?

Students approved for open enrollment status will be assigned to a school in which space is available in their grade level. Every effort is made to place students in their school of choice and with their siblings.

Is there any cost involved?

The resident school district will be responsible for paying the cost of tuition on an annual basis for your student to attend school in the receiving school district.

However, all miscellaneous registration fees for participation in the educational programs (extra-curricular activities, school supplies, etc.) are the responsibility of the parents/guardians.

Can my request be denied?

Open enrollment requests are denied if filing deadlines are not met, if the resident district has a desegregation plan that would be adversely affected, if there is not classroom space for the student, or if the student is under suspension or expulsion from their current school district.

Will the OE district provide transportation for my student?

Parents/guardians of open enrolled students whose income falls below 160% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for transportation assistance. This may be in the form of actual transportation or in the form of a cash stipend.

Do we need to request open enrollment if we move out of the district and want our student to remain in the same school district?    Yes

Does open enrollment affect athletic eligibility?

Students in grades 10-12 who transfer school districts through open enrollment have a 90-day waiting period to participate in athletic competition, although they may practice with the team during this time.

What if we move to another district after we file for open enrollment status and we want our student to continue to attend the originally-approved district?

Simply send written notification to your new resident district, your previous resident district, and the currently-approved OE district that you wish to have the OE status/billing transferred to your new resident district.

This applies to moves within the state of Iowa, only. Out-of-state residents are not eligible for open enrollment and would need to pay tuition to continue.

Can an 11th or 12th grade student complete their education at the resident district if their family moves to another district?

Yes. See Iowa Code 257.6(d). 11th and 12th grade non-resident students who were residents of the district during the preceding school year may be enrolled in that district until they graduate. An open enrollment application is not required.