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Healthy Kid Initiatives

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Student Wellness

Linn Mar promotes healthy students by supporting wellness, good nutrition and regular physical activity as part of the total learning environment. The district supports a healthy environment where students learn and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices. By facilitating learning through the support and promotion of good nutrition and physical activity, schools contribute to the basic health status of students. Improved health optimizes student performance potential.

Linn-Mar’s Health and Human Development Committee meets quarterly to review wellness initiatives and health related issues in the district. Because Linn-Mar is committed to promoting the health and well-being of our students, procedures will provide students with healthier lifestyle choices regarding birthday celebrations in the classroom. Student birthdays may be celebrated at school, however, students will be encouraged to no longer bring food or beverages to share with classmates. Instead, birthdays can be celebrated with non-food options. Please contact your child’s school with any questions.

Healthy Kids Act

The Iowa Healthy Kids Act was signed into law by Governor Culver on May 13, 2008. Specifically the Healthy Kids Act:

  • Established nutritional content standards for food and beverages sold or provided on school grounds during the school day.
  • Requires school districts to ensure every student in grades K-5 has 30 minutes per day of physical activity and every student in grades 6-12 has 120 minutes per week of physical activity.
  • Requires every student to complete a course that leads to certification in CPR by the end of Grade 12.

Smart Snacks in School

The health of today’s school environment continues to improve. Students across the country are now offered healthier school lunches with more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The Smart Snacks in School USDA Initiative standards will build on those healthy advancements by ensuring that snack foods and beverages sold to students, other than the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, are tasty and nutritious. Guidelines cover all items sold to students at school.

Healthy Celebrations