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Transportation Department


Transportation eligibility is based on a student’s residing home address. The district provides transportation for elementary and middle school students whose residing home address is more than two miles from their designated attendance center and high school students whose residing home address is more than three miles away. To view maps of our non-bused areas, click the link that applies to your child’s attendance center.

Linn-Mar Elementary Non-Bused Areas

Linn-Mar Middle School Non-Bused Areas

Linn-Mar High School Non-Bused Area

19-20 busing information:

19-20 busing information postcards will be mailed to all eligible riders beginning August 12th. We automatically route all eligible students, except HS juniors and seniors ( HS juniors and seniors must register for busing- see below). Post cards also serve as bus passes. Information on postcards will include stop location, stop time, and bus number. We ask that all students keep postcards with them for the first week of school, to aid district staff in ensuring that students are boarding correct buses.

School Bus Safety:

School bus safety is a shared responsibility among parents, students, and bus drivers. Please review and reinforce the bus safety guidelines with your students regularly.

School Bus Safety Tips

Riding a Bus Other than the Student’s Assigned Bus:

Prior approval is needed from the Transportation Department if a student wants to ride on a route to which they are not assigned.

Without prior approval from the Transportation Department, students attempting to ride a route to which they are not assigned will be sent to their assigned bus or the school office.

To obtain prior approval, the parent/guardian of the student wishing to ride on a bus other than their own must contact the Transportation Department at 319-447-3030.

Junior/Senior Busing for 2019-20:

For eligible students, please click here to fill out the Junior/Senior Bus Transportation Request form for the 2019-20 school year.

These requests do not carry over from year-to-year…they must be completed each school year.

Transportation to Daycare:

The transportation of K-8 students to daycare provider sites is provided as a courtesy by the Linn-Mar Community School District under the following conditions:

  1. The student must be eligible for transportation services based on the student’s primary home address.
  2. The daycare provider must be located in a bused area within the student’s attendance center boundary.
  3. There is an available seat on the corresponding bus.
  4. The bus will not change its route or make additional stops to deliver the daycare student.
  5. Daycare transportation will be limited to ONE location, Monday through Friday.
  6. Changes/requests must be received at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated start date.

Due to bus capacity levels and route boundaries, there  is no guarantee of a seat for daycare transportation.

Transportation to daycare arrangements are not carried over from year-to-year. This authorization must be completed each school year.

Click here to download a Transportation Daycare form for 2019-20

Requests for Transportation for Open Enrolled Students (OE):

The Linn-Mar Community School District provides transportation to open enrolled students when the appropriate bus route has available seats. Open enrolled students are assigned to the closest existing route/stop to their home, if seats are available. The district will not create special stops or arrangements.

Transportation for open enrolled students does not carry over from year-to-year. Authorization must be obtained each school year.

To request open enrollment transportation, please call the transportation office at 319-447-3030.

Parents/guardians of open enrolled students whose income falls below 160 percent of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for transportation assistance.

Attendance Exception Requests (AER/in-district transfers) are not eligible for district provided transportation.

For More Information Contact:

Brian Cruise
Transportation Manager
319-447-3031 / Email

Deb Steward
Transportation Secretary
319-447-3030 / Email

Brent Wilfong
319-447-3034 / Email

Address: 490 62nd Street, Marion IA 52302
Fax: 319-373-0353