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Custodians and Operations and Maintenance Crews

We are linn mar

We would like to take this opportunity to salute the women and men of our custodial and operations and maintenance departments.

They have worked tirelessly to keep our buildings sanitized and as safe as possible, while the threat of the spread of the Coronavirus continues to affect all our lives.

The dedication, patience, and understanding of our custodial and operations and maintenance teams were very much appreciated as each school worked to carefully and safely close out the school year. 

Whether it was staff members packing up student belongings from elementary classrooms, middle schoolers, in small groups, cleaning out their lockers, or high schoolers returning computers and participating in one of 101  modified graduation ceremonies, the “can-do” approach to safety and cleanliness among our custodians and operations and maintenance teams have not gone unnoticed, and we sincerely thank you!

We are Linn-Mar!