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Josh Handke

Josh Handke

Mr. Handke might have stuff going on outside of school, but his students would never know that. He spends every class period messing around with students and never making them feel stupid or belittled for not understanding.

I’m not good at math but Mr. Handke’s class is my favorite because I feel like it’s the only class during the day where I can show my real personality. It’s obvious that everyone feels comfortable in his class. Even while teaching math to a bunch of high schoolers he keeps up with conversations and always stays up to date on clubs, sports, and students’ lives to have something more interesting and personal to add to any given conversation.

Mr. Handke is one of those teachers that just lights up the day. School is genuinely draining and every high schooler would agree, but there are teachers like Mr. Handke who change the lives of students by being a fun teacher that actually shows he cares. Even though I’m absolutely not one of the kids who excel in math, I don’t get treated differently. Mr. Handke has definitely changed my opinion on math classes over the last year and I believe that he’s changed many other people’s views as well.

Submitted by an LMHS 10th Grade Student