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Katie Brown

Katie Brown

Mrs. Brown is really nice to everybody. She never makes it seem like one student is better than another, she makes time for everybody. She never calls anything “easy” – we think that is good because she isn’t making anyone feel bad about being on a different skill level. Mrs. Brown always says we are all at different places and wants everyone to be kind.

Mrs. Brown always lends us eraser caps because we never have them. Erasers are important because we all make mistakes. She also lets us know that mistakes are okay so we don’t feel bad about it. She does a lot of extra fun stuff, she finds time for everything. She does a really good job teaching. She doesn’t ever raise her voice – instead, she talks to the person and asks them if they need a break or something.

We will always remember Mrs. Brown as being kind to everyone and all of the fun things she did. She put a lot of work into planning everything and it has created really good memories for us.

Submitted by Mrs. Brown’s Wilkins Elementary students.