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Lana Sellner

“My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful teachers within the Linn Mar district. However, there is one, in particular, we will always remember as a hero: Mrs. Lana Sellner.

Our son was diagnosed with a disability that is commonly labeled as special needs. He had trouble with communication which affected his social interactions and learning abilities.

Where Mrs. Sellner stood out, is how she interacted with my son while implementing his Individualized Education Plan (IEP). We observed minor improvements in his behavior within the first several weeks. He started to express joy when getting ready for school. When he came home, he couldn’t wait to tell us about his day. 

Mrs. Sellner’s dedication to our son’s mental health and general welfare goes above and beyond.

We will forever be grateful and will never forget her continued commitment as an educator and the people she serves. She is our family’s Hero!”

Editor’s Note: Mrs. Sellner was presented with the KCRG A+ for Education Award