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Laura Azelborn

Laura Azelborn

The following highlight was written by 10th grade student Rylee Reid.

Laura Azelborn has helped engage students and encourage students in advanced classes.

She makes topics that are difficult fun and she is the most helpful teacher when it comes to learning.

Laura has impacted her students lives whether they know it or not. She is open to her students and tells it how it is. She is always willing to help a student in need and knows the signs of struggling.  She’s never going to let a student struggle on their own.

She is the one teacher that has ever asked me if I was ever anything more than fine. She’s more than willing to be someone to listen to her students rather than making their problems seem miniscule.

You can tell she truly loves her job and she puts her heart and soul into it which is why I believe she deserves to be recognized. She is dedicated, empathetic, and outgoing and that’s what her students love the most.