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The Tradition Continues

Congratulations go out to all our Linn-Mar High School musicians who participated in the Iowa All-State audition process in Independence, Iowa last on Saturday, October 22.

The Linn-Mar High School Music Department had a total of 88 students audition for an opportunity to perform in the 2022 Iowa All-State Music Festival.  Of those students, 60 were accepted to either the Iowa All-State Band, Orchestra or Choir.

There were 14 accepted to the All-State Band with 6 alternates, 23 string players selected to the All-State Orchestra, and 23 selected to the All-State Chorus with 1 Alternate.

Below is a listing by ensemble of the students accepted and those that are alternates.

All-State Band Accepted

Makoto Carolin – Horn, Orchestra                           Senior                   3rd Year

Graedyn Morrissey – Bassoon, Orchestra               Junior                   3rd Year

Kaiya Taylor – Clarinet, Band                                     Senior                   3rd Year

Evan Shanley – Clarinet, Band                                   Junior                   2nd Year

Shea Southwood – Flute, Band                                 Junior                   2nd Year

Maddie Biedermann – Clarinet, Band                      Senior                   1st Year

Ella Dorman – Euphonium, Band                              Senior                   1st Year

Erin Flugstad – Bass Clarinet, Band                          Senior                   1st Year

Eva Hill – Clarinet, Band                                             Senior                   1st Year

Reid Post – Bass Trombone, Band                            Senior                   1st Year

Karli Sletteland – Horn, Band                                    Junior                   1st Year

Owen Soenen – Trumpet, Band                                Junior                   1st Year

Brock Whitham – Clarinet, Band                              Sophomore        1st Year

Jace Whitham – Alto Saxophone, Band                  Junior                   1st Year


All-State Band Alternates:

Abbey Vezina – Alto Saxophone                                Senior                   4th Year (3rd as Alternate)

Christian Maakestad – Percussion                            Senior                   2nd Year

Mariselle Jones – Clarinet                                          Sophomore

Isaac Kamphaugh – Tenor Saxophone                     Senior

Dale Nuss – Tuba                                                       Sophomore

Lucas Rabe – Trombone                                             Junior


All-State Orchestra Accepted

Tejas Gururaja-Violin                      Senior                  (4th Year) (3 years on violin, 1 year as a vocalist)

Michael Lemos-Violin                    Senior                 (4th Year)

Rishi Ajoykumar-Violin                  Senior                 (3rd Year)

Ella Gerber-Bass                             Senior                  (3rd Year)

Emily Greiner-Bass                        Junior                   (3rd Year)

Nathan Groezinger-Viola              Senior                  (3rd Year)

Shreya Kulkarni-Viola                    Senior                  (3rd Year)

Ava Macek-Viola                            Junior                   (3rd Year)

Alex Resendiz-Violin                      Senior                  (3rd Year)

Melissa Wang-Violin                      Junior                   (3rd Year)

Katie Barnidge-Violin                    Senior                   (2nd Year)

Rashaan Bryant-Violin                   Sophomore        (2nd Year)

Clara Haker-Cello                           Sophomore        (2nd Year)

Andras Haugen-Bass                     Junior                   (2nd Year)

Eric Liang-Violin                              Sophomore        (2nd Year)

Amy Miller-Viola                             Junior                   (2nd Year)

Richard Phan-Viola                         Senior                   (2nd Year)

Kathryn Delsing-Viola                   Freshman           (1st Year)

Krishna Modha-Cello                     Junior                  (1st Year)

Izzy Telisak-Violin                           Freshman           (1st Year)

Jordyn Puffer-Bass                         Freshman           (1st Year)

Lucie Scott-Cello                             Junior                  (1st Year)

Shafin Wasimi-Viola                      Senior                  (1st Year)


All-State Chorus Accepted

Arjun Raghavendran- Tenor                        Sophomore         1st Year

Brielle Anderson- Soprano                           Senior                   2nd Year

Caiden Abbott- Bass                                      Senior                   1st Year

Emily Brennom- Alto                                     Senior                   2nd Year

Emily Fredin- Alto                                          Senior                   2nd Year

Erika Steenhoek- Alto                                   Junior                   1st Year

Grant Gallaway- Tenor                                Senior                   2nd Year

Isaac Stanger- Tenor                                     Junior                   1st Year

Jack Noehren- Bass                                       Senior                   2nd Year

Jacob Jensen- Tenor                                      Sophomore         2nd Year

Kaleb Wesselink- Bass                                  Junior                   1st Year

Kamryn Kramer- Soprano                            Senior                   1st Year

Kamryn White- Alto                                      Junior                   2nd Year

Kate Flugstad- Alto                                        Senior                   3rd Year

Kyra Kanz- Soprano                                       Senior                   1st Year

Maddie Eley- Alto                                          Sophomore         1st Year

Melia Bohn- Alto                                            Senior                   2nd Year

Owen Schlesinger- Bass                               Senior                   2nd Year

Ryal Hanson-Bass                                           Sophomore         1st Year

Sabyn Jones- Soprano                                   Senior                   1st Year

Zach Kendrick- Tenor                                    Junior                   1st Year


All-State Choir Alternates:

Lilly Walker- Soprano                                    Sophomore