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Band Students Selected to Coe College Honor Bands

On Saturday, April 14th, fifth and sixth-grade band students participated in the 2018 Coe College Elementary Honor Band hosted by Coe College. Doreen Anderson from Taft Middle School and nationally recognized composer Ed Huckeby from Oklahoma directed the 115 member first-year band and the 120 member second-year band. Students from more than 40 Iowa schools participated.

Fifth grade students selected were: Evie Philipp (flute); Ryal Hanson (flute); Madeline Turner (clarinet); Mariselle Jones (clarinet); Jonas Jaritz (clarinet); Micah Langley (tenor sax); Tomina Gerst (cornet); Molly Newton (French horn); Adam Kmetz (French horn); Owen Hanson (trombone); Makenna Grimm (baritone); Thanh Beech (tuba); and Caden Beckmann (percussion).

Sixth grade students selected were: Lucie Scott (flute); Alyssa Niemeyer (clarinet); Graedyn Morrissey (bassoon); Addison Gates (alto sax); Kinsey Widdel (alto sax); Aiden Klaren (tenor sax); Owen Hilbert (trumpet); Lucas Rabe (trombone); Dylan Ascher (trombone); Emmarie Dart (trombone); Gabe Gates (tuba); Ethan Crawford (tuba); Jayden Schumacher (percussion); and Zachary Kendrick (percussion).

Kevin Makinster and Amy Sams teach the fifth-grade students and Stephanie Nuss and Steve King teach the sixth graders.
On Sunday, April 15th, middle school band students participated in the 2018 Coe College Junior Honor Band and high school participated in the 2018 Coe College Senior Honor Band. Steve Shanley from Coe College and Ed Huckeby from Oklahoma directed the bands. Students from over 40 Iowa schools participated.

Middle school students selected were: Anna Kautz (flute); Hanna Langley (flute); Aadarsh Kumar (flute); Madison Marcus (clarinet); Maddie Nuss (clarinet); Samantha Solis (clarinet); Evan Shanley (clarinet); Shrey Kapoor (baritone sax); Nikhil Reuben (trumpet); Moosa Hamad (French horn); Vivian Shanley (French horn); Brendan Brooks (trombone) Ryan Getz (tuba); and Arjun Palaniappan (percussion).

High school students selected were: Mikayla Langhurst (flute); Sam Kelly (clarinet); Madison Kuhlman (clarinet); Katie Greiner (alto sax); Anna Kelly (trumpet); John Herschberger (French horn); Wade Schaeffer (French horn); Ashley Schmidt (French horn); Isaac Langley (bass trombone); Nancy Herschberger (bassoon); and Jake Varner (tuba).
Stephanie Nuss, Steve King, Shawn Sandersfeld, and Brett Dupree teach the middle school students.
Aaron Nuss, Dan Terrell, and Jennifer Tiede teach the high school students.