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Boulder Peak and Hazel Point Chosen as Names for New Schools

The Linn-Mar Community School District Board of Education has approved the names of the district’s two new 5th/6th grade intermediate schools.

“Following an extensive process to review hundreds of submissions, we are pleased to announce the new schools will be named Boulder Peak and Hazel Point,” said Linn-Mar Superintendent Shannon Bisgard.

More than 700 names were suggested during the submission process where Linn-Mar students and the community were asked to submit names for the schools.

A committee reviewed each of the submissions before narrowing the list down to the final two recommendations that were submitted to the Linn-Mar Board of Education.

Boulder Peak was submitted by Indian Creek 5th Grader Evelyn Horn. Her reason for the submission was that, “We want to be strong and unstoppable like a bolder and want to get to the peak of learning and climbing that mountain with persistence.”

According to Sarah Hora, Linn-Mar parent and member of the naming committee, Hazel Point was chosen because of the historical connection to one of the original one-room schoolhouses. “The two new school names are connected by having a similar reference of peak and point that leads to our highest performance,” she said. “We feel that these school names are a reflection of the Linn-Mar story and the strong future for our students.”

Hazel Point Intermediate will be located south of Echo Hill Road adjacent to Echo Hill Elementary and Boulder Peak Intermediate will be located on 35th Avenue (near 44th Street).

Follow the district’s website for construction updates as we welcome Boulder Peak and Hazel Point to the Linn-Mar family of schools!