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Bowman Woods Celebrates Native American Culture

The Native American unit for Bowman Woods 5th graders came to a conclusion with students holding a Pow Wow and other activities to celebrate Native-American culture. On Friday, the 5th graders started their day by sewing their own Native American parfleche from doeskin suede. After that, the students did a variety of Native American crafts.

At lunch, the class enjoyed several Native American foods including corn chowder, Winnebago wild rice, cranberry, zucchini and cornbread, and wildberry crisp for dessert.

After lunch, four students (one from each homeroom), told a Native American story/legend to their classmates.

At the Pow Wow, students were treated to a flautist who played Native American flutes and shared the history behind each flute. The students sang songs and had a hoop competition and dance they created as a team with their homeroom.