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Class of 2020 4th Grade Photo Updated

During the 2011-12 school year, the district’s fourth graders from all seven elementary schools were gathered together for a very special event at the new Linn-Mar stadium.

The Class of 2020 had their first group photo taken by positioning themselves (with a little assistance from their teachers) to create 2020 on the field.

Linn Mar 2020 photo

Class of 2020 as 4th graders in 2012

The photo coincided with a new initiative by the Linn-Mar Community School District to have both academic goals and physical renovations completed by the time the Class of 2020 entered high school.

The district reached those goals and decided it might be fun to reunite the class, now Linn-Mar High School seniors, for another photo.


The Linn-Mar band directors, who have a great deal of experience organizing people in formation on a football field, assisted with the project, much as they did in the spring of 2012. This time they were assisted by student members of the Linn-Mar Marching Lions.

Former Superintendent Katie Mulholland and current Superintendent Shannon Bisgard were on hand to witness the event, along with High School Principal Jeff Gustason and other high school administrators and teachers.

The Class of 2020 as seniors