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Community Promise To Provide New Pathway For Students

A new pathway is on the horizon for Linn-Mar students to prepare themselves to be successful in the 21st century workforce.
Currently, Linn-Mar students are offered a variety of educational pathways beyond traditional curriculum and classrooms. A few of these pathways include the COMPASS Alternative Center, Capstone and AP courses and most recently, Iowa BIG.

The newest pathway, announced during the March 8th Marion Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) Annual Business Luncheon, is entitled Community Promise.

As shared on the MEDCO website, “Community Promise is a complementary student pathway that aligns new CTE strategies with real, long term career opportunities. This approach will accelerate traditional, project-based learning experiences by cultivating immediate employment opportunities for students we equip to be immediately be career ready after high school.”

Community Promise goals include:

  • Equipping 70 percent of the community‚Äôs graduating seniors with education and training beyond that of a high school experience.
  • An investment of $250,000 in talent by 2022 to address employment needs in the Marion business community.
  • To create an environment that builds community loyalty and is contagious to talent recruitment.
  • To be a national leader in creating an insulated talent pipeline that is a competitive advantage for the community.

To learn more, visit the MEDCO Community Promise website.