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Echo Hill 5th Graders Hold Open House

Echo HIll fifth graders display Native American houses they made during a recent open house at the schoolFifth grade students from Echo Hill Elementary held an open house recently to showcase their work and what they learned about various Native American tribes in the different regions of the United States.

According to Allison Adams, Fifth Grade Teacher, each student chose a tribe and Native American home to research and then organized their work in a Google Draw document.

“The students had five weeks to create their Native American home,” Adams said. “The class also enjoyed a Native American Craft and Feast day.” The students rotated between 5th grade teachers and learned about and made talking sticks, sand paintings, dream catchers, skin writings, and Chilkat blankets.

The students also created a Native American name for themselves and held a Native American feast with donations from parents. During the feast, the students enjoyed beef and vegetable stew, wild rice, moose jerky, peach cobbler, apple juice, and cornbread.