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EDD Students Solve Real-World Challenges with Innovative Designs

These Linn-Mar seniors in Engineering Design and Development (EDD) were thoughtful when asked what they might have changed as they designed and built custom solutions to every day problems. One student replied, “I would have failed sooner, so we could have learned and improved more quickly.”

Each year, Linn-Mar students in the high school’s EDD capstone course are challenged to come up with the products of the future. This year’s final projects included a self-powered closing toilet seat cover, a cover for paper towel dispensers, an improved dolly to reduce heavy lifts, and a descending weight lifting bench. The seniors in the course presented their capstone projects to a panel of five judges Wednesday night, and showcased the projects again for their fellow students and teachers Friday morning at the high school.

EDD is a culminating capstone course. In order to have a solid foundation for this course, students needed to successfully complete two other Project Lead the Way or Computer Science courses that might include Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Environmental Sustainability, Computer Science Essentials, Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, or Principles of Biomedical Science.

Congratulations to these students for their designs!