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Emergency Preparedness

Linn-Mar nurses are better prepared with critical resources when emergencies happen thanks to  Linn County Public Health and state and federal agencies.

Each Linn-Mar attendance center is now equipped with “STOP THE BLEED” kits. They can be used to stop life-threatening blood loss during an emergency and before any medical help arrives. Those emergency kits are part of the STOP THE BLEED project, an initiative that is equipping schools with emergency resources. 

“We’re fortunate in Linn County, we have so many STOP THE BLEED advocates in our community that we’ve already had a lot of training done,” said Julie Stephens, Preparedness Coordinator for Linn County Public Health. “Linn-Mar has advocates, they do training in their district for bleeding control as well. Those people are working in the schools, but they are also part of our Linn County community. So, that’s just a great effort.”

The kits were made possible from the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services through a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant. The kits include compressed gauze, an emergency bandage, latex-free gloves, a tourniquet and trauma shears.

More information is available about the STOP THE BLEED project.