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Frequently Asked Questions: 4th Quarter 2020

We hope to answer all of your questions – as soon as we possibly can. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we have received. Watch for updates on this page, as things do change rapidly.

Last updated: 5/21/20


QUESTION: When will we go back to school?

ANSWER: The first day of school for the 2020-21 school year is scheduled for Monday, August 24th for students in K-9th grade.  For 10th-12th grades the first day of the school year is scheduled to be Tuesday, August 25th.  The State has agreed to allow schools to start at an earlier date next school year.  At this time the plan is to continue with our already established start dates. There are just too many unknowns at this time to commit to an earlier start date including if the COVID-19 impact will be at a safe level to return to school.  We are also concerned that the construction of our two new schools will not be completed in time for an earlier start date. If these plans were to change we will let families know in advance.

QUESTION: How will Linn-Mar continue student learning?

ANSWER: Linn-Mar will continue ‘voluntary’ instruction for PK-8th grades and ‘required’ instruction for grades 9-12 through the end of the school year ending on (June 3rd, 2020). Students will continue to learn through online instruction from their teachers and Parents and students will receive updated information from their principals. 

QUESTION: Will my student move onto the next grade level?

ANSWER: All students, Pre-K through 8th grade, will move on to the next grade level for the 2020-21 school year. Students will receive an end-of year report card or progress report that will be based on all learning prior to the closure.

All students in grades PK-8 will continue to be provided with voluntary learning opportunities through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, with a scheduled last day of June 3, 2020.

We recognize that there will be some gaps in learning. We will be working on a “return to learning” plan yet this year, to plan how we will ensure the essential content missed this year will be covered in the 2020-21 school year.

QUESTION: What additional resources are available to help my child continue learning?

ANSWER: Linn-Mar created a link on our website for online instruction. 

QUESTION: What about the status of high school grades?

ANSWER: Here is a Link  to information provided to high school students and parents from LMHS Principal Jeff Gustason. 

QUESTION: Can I get more details about Linn-Mar’s educational plan?

ANSWER: At the beginning of April, the Iowa Department of Education gave schools three options for learning.

  1. No continuous learning (School days have to be made up)
  2. Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities (School days do not have to be made up)
  3. Required Educational Services (School days do not have to be made up)

The Linn-Mar Community School District chose to do a combination of “Voluntary” and “Required” teaching models as defined by the Iowa Department of Education. We will continue to do so through the end of the academic year.

  • Grades PreK-8 are using the “Voluntary” model: Schools may not require students to participate or grade any work.
  • Grades 9-12 are using the “Required” model:  Academic work is equivalent in effort and rigor to typical classroom work.

QUESTION: How do I find the educational materials for my child’s grade level?

ANSWER: The information is posted on the district website.

QUESTION: What about Advanced Placement (AP) Testing?

ANSWER: Questions on AP testing should be directed to Dianne Van Praag. Here’s a link for additional information.

QUESTION: I know of a family with limited technology resources, are printed copies of the K-8 voluntary instructional materials available?

ANSWER: Yes. A limited number of printed copies are available WEDNESDAYS ONLY at the Grab and Go Lunch Pick-up Sites. We encourage families to access the materials through the website if possible.


QUESTION: Will you continue serving student meals?

ANSWER: Yes, we will continue serving meals during this closure. Here’s a link for the dates, times and locations.

QUESTION:  My child has medication still at school. How do I pick up my child’s medication?

ANSWER: Medications and other personal health items from the health office may be returned to parents/guardian between the days of June 1-3 in collaboration of your child’s school’s plan for retrieving their personal belongings. All medications will need to be signed for by authorized adult. All medication that is not picked up after 4:00pm on June 3rd, 2020 will be discarded within 24 hours per district policy.

QUESTION: Can students get into schools to get personal items from their lockers?


Elementary Schools: 

Student pick up of materials will take place June 1-3 at assigned times as provided by the building principal. As cars pull up to the buildings, materials will be given to parents/families.
Elementary staff will have additional materials such as yearbooks, book orders, PTO shirts, etc. ready for families to pick up as well. Students and families will not be allowed in the buildings.
Any unclaimed items will be saved until fall. There will be a drop box for returning supplies (library books) outside of the school.
Additional details will be sent to families by your school principal.

Middle Schools:

Student pick up of materials will take place June 1-3 at assigned times as provided by the building principal. Only students will only be allowed in the building to retrieve items from their PE and regular lockers. No siblings or parents allowed. Students are encouraged to wear a mask. Students may pick up yearbooks and drop off any library materials that need to be returned to the school. Additional details will be sent to families by your school principal.

High School:

Staff will escort students who may need access to lockers, etc.
The building will NOT be open for them to enter. The High School will have specific drop off times for students at the north side of the building. Additional information will be provided by the high school principal.


QUESTION: How do I pickup my cap and gown for graduation?

ANSWER: Students will pickup Caps and Gowns on Monday, May 11 at specially assigned times to reduce the number of students/parents in the area at one time.

QUESTION: Will we still have Graduation?

ANSWER: Many options were considered for graduation. We decided to offer an in person, small group graduation over the course of four days. May 21-24. Click here for details.

QUESTION: Will we still have Prom?

ANSWER: A decision on prom will be made in the near future. That information will be posted on our website.

QUESTION: What is happening with summer sports?

ANSWER: Governor Reynolds has announced that summer athletic seasons will be allowed for high school baseball and softball. As always, safety is our top priority at Linn-Mar. Our Athletic Department is working with the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union and the Iowa High School Athletic Association to ensure that we meet all the guidelines associated with the lifted restrictions. We appreciate your patience and promise to provide updated information as soon as possible.

QUESTION: What’s happening with Summer Sports Camps?

ANSWER: All Linn-Mar Athletic Camps for kids in grades K-8 have been cancelled for this summer.  At this time all 9-12 High School Athletic Camps are still scheduled as planned.  Further decisions on high school camps will be made on June 1st. Parents who have already signed up and paid or have mailed in forms for K-8 camps please direct questions to Joyce Dayton at


QUESTION: Will district board meetings be held as scheduled?

ANSWER: At this time, board meetings will continue to be held via Zoom until further notice.

QUESTION:  Will the new intermediate buildings, Boulder Peak and Hazel Point, be ready for the new school year

ANSWER: We are still on schedule to open both new schools in time for the start of the 2020-21 school year, which is scheduled for Monday, August 24th.

QUESTION: What if my question is not answered?

ANSWER: Please reach out to us by email. Your inquiry will be directed to the proper building or department.

Remember, our building principals will continue to provide updated information to district families. Again, thank you, for doing your part as we continue to Inspire Learning, Unlock Potential, and Empower Achievement at Linn-Mar.