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Highlights from November 5th School Board Meeting

Below are some highlights from the November 5th board meeting.
Please remember, these are just highlights and should not be considered the official minutes.

During the work session, former Grant Wood Area Education Agency Chief Administrator Joe Crozier facilitated a learning session on what it means to be an effective school board. Some of the discussion topics included the various roles of board members, working together as a team, establishing and abiding by operating principles and norms, and utilizing appropriate processes to resolve conflicts, make decisions, establish priorities, and gather stakeholder input.

The regular meeting included information on the bidding process for the sale of bonds for funding the construction of the two 5th-6th grade intermediate buildings. The board will approve the resolution during the November 19th meeting and will host a special session on December 3rd to approve the bid.

Superintendent Bisgard shared that the board had previously approved offering 15 early separation packages for licensed employees and that 22 requests were received. Bisgard made the recommendation that the board approve all 22 requests and shared that the policy on early separation would be reviewed to ensure budgeting consistency for future years. The board was in agreement with approving the 22 requests received.

Additional highlights of the regular meeting were the first reading of various policy recommendations and approval of the open enrollment request and the consent agenda. To view the full agenda and exhibits visit the Board/Policy website.

The next meeting of the Board of Education (November 19th) will be a High School Feature Night hosted in the high school lecture hall (Enter via door #16) beginning at 5:00 PM.