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Highlights From The October 23rd Board of Education Meeting

Below are highlights of the October 23rd Board of Education meeting.
Please remember, these are just highlights and should not be considered the official minutes.We Are Linn-Mar horizontal logo





The School Board shared their thoughts on their recent visit to Echo Hill Elementary. During their visit, board members met with several students and teachers. The board was excited to see how technologically sound and creative the students were in addition to being very interactive and excited to show board members around. The School Board indicated that mid-day board visits provide a more authentic experience and opportunity to interact with students and staff.

The Iowa BIG program was also a topic of discussion during the meeting. The School Board discussed the possibility of future expansion at its Boyson Road location. Iowa BIG will hold an open house Wednesday, November 8th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Highlights from the October 23rd Board Book were also discussed:

Certified Enrollment: The district’s certified enrollment process has been completed with the district seeing an increase in 123 students from the 2016-17 school year. Certified enrollment is a count of resident students that live in our district rather than the actual number of students attending Linn-Mar schools. Certified enrollment determines the budget allocations the district will receive from the state for the 2018-19 school year.

Board Retreat: The School Board met October 16th with the administrative cabinet to review comments received from the recent bond vote. Next steps include establishing a timeline, reviewing the 10-year facilities plan, and identifying and outlining what renovations can be made to our historic schools in 2018.

The next meeting of the Board of Education will be held in the High School lecture hall on Monday, November 6th.

To view the full agenda and exhibits; visit the Board/Policy website.