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Highlights from the September 25th Linn-Mar Board of Education Meeting

Below are the highlights of the September 25th Board of Education meeting.
Please remember these are just highlights and should not be considered the official minutes.

Superintendent Shepherd proposed a timeline for strategic and operational next steps for the Board of Education and Cabinet following the bond referendum vote on September 12th. Initial steps will include the scheduling of a retreat for the board and cabinet to meet together to discuss the feedback received from the community. In addition, the cabinet will meet with OPN Architects to revisit the district’s 10-year facility plan. Reports on progress will be made available via the Board Book and official board meeting minutes.

JT Anderson, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, presented information regarding the district’s financial review for FY2017. Anderson’s presentation provided an overview of: fund “buckets”, fund balance vs. spending authority, the Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and the Special Education Supplement (SES) and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) allowable costs. Each fund “bucket” was explained that included an outline of expenditures for each fund and how revenue is generated. Anderson went on to explain the difference between fund balance and spending authority. Fund balance is “cash in hand” while spending authority is more of a credit limit set forth by law which defines the maximum a district can spend from its general fund. Anderson also reviewed specific general fund expenditures and revenues and shared the district would undergo the annual audit the week of October 2nd.

Angie Morrison, Board Secretary, presented information from the Linn County Board of Supervisors regarding the canvass of votes from the September 12th school board election. Newly-elected Board Members Robert Anderson, Cara Lausen and Rachel Wall were administered the oath of office during the organizational meeting.

Sondra Nelson was elected as President of the Board and George AbouAssaly was re-elected as Vice President; both will serve a one-year term. Angie Morrison, Business Manager, and JT Anderson, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, were re-elected as Board Secretary and Board Treasurer.

To view the full agenda and exhibits, please visit the Board/Policy website. The next meeting of the Board of Education will be Monday, October 9th.

Newly elected Linn-Mar School Board members Cara Lausen, Rachel Wall and Robert Anderson    Board Member Sondra Nelson takes the oath of office as school board president   Board Member George AbouAssaly takes the oath of office as school board vice president