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Important Message from LMHS Principal Gustason

Good morning, Linn-Mar.  I want to take a few moments at the start of this school day and mention the tragedy that occurred at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School yesterday.  The scope of this tragedy, along with other school tragedies, is unsettling and disturbing.  We spend a large portion of our days right now in a high school with the purpose of learning and preparing ourselves for opportunities that come after high school.  That is the reason we are here each day.  The idea that somebody would knowingly use a day of learning and preparation to harm individuals who present no harm or danger is difficult to comprehend.  The students at Stoneman Douglas were simply there to learn and prepare just like you.

Some of you may not have heard of this tragedy, some of you may have only heard a little bit about it, some of you may see this as just another such event, some of you may be fully aware, and some may be extremely bothered by what happened.  The question of why these type of events continue to happen is real yet difficult to try and answer.  It is also a reminder that we must always be mindful and aware that before almost all school tragedies visible indicators in the actions of the perpetrators exist.  This does mean that there are things all of us can do to help prevent such things from happening here.

It is a fact that many attempts to cause harm in schools have been stopped because students and others have taken action by informing school officials, teachers, staff, or law enforcement that someone was saying, planning, or practicing to do things that could endanger the safety of those within a school.  If you are ever aware of such things, you do need to act and let a school official, teacher, staff member or law enforcement know.  That is a way that you can take action to prevent something from ever happening here.

We are going to make today a great day of learning as you continue to prepare for all of the opportunities you will have after completing high school.  If what happened in Florida is causing you a lot of distress at any time, please seek a counselor, teacher or staff member to speak to.  It is okay to ask your teacher or a staff member if you would like to speak to someone.  We will also continue to be diligent as we work with law enforcement to protect everyone at Linn-Mar each and every day.  As you make today a great day for you, please keep those impacted at Stoneman Douglas in your thoughts.  You get the opportunity to prepare yourself today.  Make it count and take care of each other, Lions.  Thank you.

Dr. Jeff Gustason
Principal, Linn-Mar High School