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Iowa PBS to Show All-State Music Festival

Watch as sixty of Linn-Mar’s finest vocalists and musicians perform at the All-State Music Festival.

The concert is Saturday, November 19th at Hilton Coliseum in Ames.  The event is sold out.

However, the concert is recorded for rebroadcast on Iowa PBS during Thanksgiving weekend.

There were 14 Linn-Mar students accepted to the All-State Band with 6 alternates, 23 string players selected to the All-State Orchestra, and 23 selected to the All-State Chorus with 1 Alternate.

Below is a listing by ensemble of the students accepted and those that are alternates.

All-State Band Accepted

Makoto Carolin – Horn, Orchestra Senior 3rd Year

Graedyn Morrissey – Bassoon, Orchestra Junior 3rd Year

Kaiya Taylor – Clarinet, Band Senior 3rd Year

Evan Shanley – Clarinet, Band Junior 2nd Year

Shea Southwood – Flute, Band Junior 2nd Year

Maddie Biedermann – Clarinet, Band Senior 1st Year

Ella Dorman – Euphonium, Band Senior 1st Year

Erin Flugstad – Bass Clarinet, Band Senior 1st Year

Eva Hill – Clarinet, Band Senior 1st Year

Reid Post – Bass Trombone, Band Senior 1st Year

Karli Sletteland – Horn, Band Junior 1st Year

Owen Soenen – Trumpet, Band Junior 1st Year

Brock Whitham – Clarinet, Band Sophomore 1st Year

Jace Whitham – Alto Saxophone, Band Junior 1st Year


All-State Band Alternates:

Abbey Vezina – Alto Saxophone Senior 4th Year (3rd as Alternate)

Christian Maakestad – Percussion Senior 2nd Year

Mariselle Jones – Clarinet Sophomore

Isaac Kamphaugh – Tenor Saxophone Senior

Dale Nuss – Tuba Sophomore

Lucas Rabe – Trombone Junior


All-State Orchestra Accepted

Tejas Gururaja-Violin Senior (4th Year) (3 years on violin, 1 year as a vocalist)

Michael Lemos-Violin Senior (4th Year)

Rishi Ajoykumar-Violin Senior (3rd Year)

Ella Gerber-Bass Senior (3rd Year)

Emily Greiner-Bass Junior (3rd Year)

Nathan Groezinger-Viola Senior (3rd Year)

Shreya Kulkarni-Viola Senior (3rd Year)

Ava Macek-Viola Junior (3rd Year)

Alex Resendiz-Violin Senior (3rd Year)

Melissa Wang-Violin Junior (3rd Year)

Katie Barnidge-Violin Senior (2nd Year)

Rashaan Bryant-Violin Sophomore (2nd Year)

Clara Haker-Cello Sophomore (2nd Year)

Andras Haugen-Bass Junior (2nd Year)

Eric Liang-Violin Sophomore (2nd Year)

Amy Miller-Viola Junior (2nd Year)

Richard Phan-Viola Senior (2nd Year)

Kathryn Delsing-Viola Freshman (1st Year)

Krishna Modha-Cello Junior (1st Year)

Izzy Telisak-Violin Freshman (1st Year)

Jordyn Puffer-Bass Freshman (1st Year)

Lucie Scott-Cello Junior (1st Year)

Shafin Wasimi-Viola Senior (1st Year)


All-State Chorus Accepted

Arjun Raghavendran- Tenor Sophomore 1st Year

Brielle Anderson- Soprano Senior 2nd Year

Caiden Abbott- Bass Senior 1st Year

Emily Brennom- Alto Senior 2nd Year

Emily Fredin- Alto Senior 2nd Year

Erika Steenhoek- Alto Junior 1st Year

Grant Gallaway- Tenor Senior 2nd Year

Isaac Stanger- Tenor Junior 1st Year

Jack Noehren- Bass Senior 2nd Year

Jacob Jensen- Tenor Sophomore 2nd Year

Kaleb Wesselink- Bass Junior 1st Year

Kamryn Kramer- Soprano Senior 1st Year

Kamryn White- Alto Junior 2nd Year

Kate Flugstad- Alto Senior 3rd Year

Kyra Kanz- Soprano Senior 1st Year

Maddie Eley- Alto Sophomore 1st Year

Melia Bohn- Alto Senior 2nd Year

Owen Schlesinger- Bass Senior 2nd Year

Ryal Hanson-Bass Sophomore 1st Year

Sabyn Jones- Soprano Senior 1st Year

Zach Kendrick- Tenor Junior 1st Year

Mara Kehrt-Soprano Junior 1st Year

Kala Sjobakken-Soprano Junior 1st Year


All-State Choir Alternates:

Lilly Walker- Soprano Sophomore