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Just In Time for Summer Demand, Students Donate to Food Pantry

During the summer, requests for assistance from the Marion Food Pantry always increase.  That, combined with increasing food prices, the need is expected to be even greater this summer.

Learning of that challenge, during the final days of the school year at Boulder Peak Intermediate, a building-wide fundraiser was held to collect cash for the food pantry. The money raised would allow them to buy more food to stock their shelves.

Boulder Peak Money Raised for Marion Food Pantry


Each homeroom class collected the money over a three-day period. This is the second year for the campaign for the two-year-old school.

Last year they collected just over $1000 dollars for the food pantry.  This year’s total came to $2362.74.


Congratulations, Boulder Peak!    Boulder Peak Gives Money to Food Pantry