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Kicking off Commencement Season with a Success Center Celebration

Ian, Carlos and Sam ate cake. They hugged each other, their teachers, and family members. They smiled broadly as they accepted their diplomas. This was a commencement celebration like so many that will be held this season, but unique to these three Linn-Mar students was that they also were celebrating their graduation from Linn-Mar’s Success Center program.

Linn-Mar’s Success Center is a program that offers additional support for students enrolled in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) who may not be ready to transition from high school to the workforce or secondary education. The Success Center is located near the intersection of C Ave. and Boyson Road NE in Cedar Rapids, and it’s a space that serves students from ages 18 to 21 that continue to be eligible for student support services. Through the Success Center, Linn-Mar students focus on skills that are necessary for independent living, vocational experiences, community involvement, and academics to support their journey into adulthood and the workplace.

This season we congratulate all of our students who are disembarking to set course on new, unchartered waters, and give a special sendoff to Ian, Carlos and Sam for their graduation.