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Laptops For All LMHS Students!

alt=""LMHS students now have full access to online learning materials throughout the entire school day and in every classroom as more than 2,200 laptops were distributed to students today.

A carrying case, power supply cords, and earbuds were also issued to students. The computers and power supply cords were barcoded for easy identification.

“The days of waiting for a computer cart have been replaced with instant access to learning tools that will be readily accessible during each lesson,” said Associate Superintendent Nathan Wear.

With each high school student receiving a device, the district’s initiative to provide a device for all students is well underway. According to Wear, being 1:1 is much more than all students having a device though. “We’re also working to help teachers better align standards and activities to engage student learning.”alt=""

Using the devices, students will utilize PowerSchool Learning. The program “allows students to access course standards, assessments, assignments, and teacher feedback in a digital environment,” Wear stated. “Teachers will be creating digital content and coursework that students will be able to access at any time.” Additionally, this allows our teachers to use multiple methods to engage students.

With all high school students having a laptop, there are more opportunities for blended coursework. “Increased access through 1:1 will result in more students being able to take advantage of blended courses,” Wear said.

alt=""In blended learning, there are components of face-to-face instruction as well as online learning. “Learning can happen at any time with the teacher not having to be present for the students to access the information,” he said. “The teacher becomes a facilitator of learning and the student has more autonomy to access the course through a digital method,”

The 1:1 rollout will occur in the middle schools next and then be completed with the elementary grades receiving devices.

According to Wear, the district’s goal is to have a device for every K-12 student in the next four years. At the elementary level, the device will be an iPad. As students get older, the iPad will become a tablet with a keyboard.