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Linn-Mar Continuous Learning Plans through April 30

Linn-Mar COVID-19 Education Plan Approved by State.

The Iowa Department of Education offered schools the following three options for continuous learning as a result of Governor Reynolds’ latest order dated April 2, 2020 regarding the extended closure of all Iowa schools:

  1. No continuous learning (School days have to be made up)
  2. Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities
    1. School days do not have to be made up
    2. Students are not required to participate and will not be graded
  3. Required Educational Services
    1. School days do not have to be made up
    2. Academic work is equivalent in effort/rigor to typical classroom work
    3. Students are graded

Linn-Mar received clearance to offer a combination of the voluntary option for PreK-8th grades and the required option for grades 9th-12th from April 13th through the end of the academic year. Assistance in developing these teaching models has been provided by the Iowa Department of Education.

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