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Linn-Mar and Marion Healthy Hometown

Linn-Mar, Marion Independent School District, and the city of Marion are part of Healthy Hometown Marion. Marion was designated as one of the country’s Blue Zones Project Communities in 2016. Since that time our leadership has transitioned to Be Well Marion and Iowa Healthy Hometown.

The State of Iowa continues to gauge our local community success against other communities in the nation related to moving naturally and well-being initiatives. While ranking is important, the educational success of our students is the priority of the district.

Safe Routes To School is a highlighted program of not only Blue Zones and Healthy Hometown but also the Centers for Disease Control and other national planning organizations. Linn-Mar is starting with a targeted group of buildings and from that starting point will advance to the rest of our district. National data shows that physical activity before and after school is an enhancement for students and Linn-Mar will continue to seek opportunities that will encourage the best learning environment for all students.

A survey will be sent to parents in September to understand the transportation and transit patterns of our students. Once we have a baseline of patterns, we can gauge our needs and also access potential funding opportunities to address the transit needs of students.

These links provide additional information if needed:

Safe Routes to School: