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Linn-Mar Observes School Bus Safety Week 2023

Linn-Mar takes great pride in assuring the safety of our students every day. That includes transporting bus riders to and from school, on field trips and athletic and fine arts competitions.

During this School Bus Safety Week, we would like to take this opportunity to salute the 78 members of our Transportation Department who covered approximately 615,000 miles last year. They offer these safety tips we should all remember.

Our basic “Bus Rules” at Linn-Mar:

First and foremost: Good behavior on the bus enhances the safety of all.

RESPECT the driver

RESPECT each other

RESPECT yourself

RESPECT district property

Bus Safety Tips:

If you must cross the road at drop-off:

Step off the bus and onto the curb, move to the front of the bus, 5 giant steps away from the bus (so the driver can see you).

Cross only at the FRONT of the bus.

Cross only when the driver signals to you that it is safe to do so.

Before walking out past the bus, LOOK, and make sure no vehicles are coming before continuing!

Please Note: The Linn-Mar Transportation Department will be conducting bus safety training and evacuation drills throughout School Bus Safety Week.