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Linn-Mar to be Well Represented at All-State Music Festival

Congratulations go out to all of the Linn-Mar High School musicians who participated in the Iowa All-State audition process in Independence, Iowa on Saturday, October 26. The Linn-Mar High School Music Department had a total of 87 students audition for an opportunity to perform within the 2019 Iowa All-State Music Festival. Of those students, 51 were accepted to either the Iowa All-State Band, Orchestra or Choir. There were 13 accepted to the All-State Band with 5 alternates, 18 string players selected to the All-State Orchestra with 2 Alternates, and 20 selected to the All-State Chorus. Below is a listing by ensemble of the students accepted and those that are alternates.

All-State Band Accepted
Anna Kelly–Trumpet Senior (4th year)

Aleah Dupree–Horn Senior (3rd year)
Nancy Herschberger–Bassoon Senior (3rd year)

Octavia Barbulescu –Flute Senior (2nd year)
Madeline Nuss–Clarinet Sophomore (2nd year)
Subhika Rao–Flute Junior (2nd year)
Jaslyn Riherd–Eb Clarinet Senior (2nd year)
Lucas Sennett–Tuba Junior (2nd year)

Lea Banks–Clarinet Junior (1st year)
Madison Kuhlman–Clarinet Senior (1st year)
Hanna Langley –Flute Sophomore (1st year)
Patricia Redington–Clarinet Senior (1st year)
Jared Stumpf–Horn Junior (1st year)

All-State Band Alternates:
Scott Bellows–Trombone Junior (2nd Alternate)
Aadarsh Kumar–Flute Sophomore (2nd Alternate)
Abbey Vezina – Alto Saxophone Freshman (1st Alternate)
Sam Vezina – Tenor Saxophone Senior (1st Alternate)
Justin Yem–Alto Saxophone Senior (2nd Alternate)

All-State Orchestra Accepted
Katie Bellows-Violin Junior (3rd Year)
Braeden Green-Violin Senior (3rd Year)
Elizabeth Low-Violin Junior (3rd Year)
Allie Schumacher-Viola Senior (3rd Year)
Savannah Zhou-Viola Senior (3rd Year)

Helena Abodeely-Violin Junior (2nd Year)
Sarah Liang-Violin Junior (2nd Year)
Kara Lindsay-Violin Senior (2nd Year)
Stacy Westman-Violin Junior (2nd Year)

Sam Greiner-Bass Sophomore (1st Year)
Tejas Gururaja-Violin Freshman (1st Year)
Moosa Hamad-Viola Freshman (1st Year)
Michael Lemos-Violin Freshman (1st Year)
Celia Phillips-Cello Sophomore (1st Year)
Nikhil Reuben-Cello Sophomore (1st Year)
Kyle Spaete-Viola Senior (1st Year)
Sadie Staker-Cello Senior (1st Year)
Lily Stevens-Violin Sophomore (1st Year)

All-State Orchestra Alternates:
Bella Littler– Cello Sophomore (1st Alternate)
Lia Scharnau– Cello Sophomore (1st Alternate)

All-State Chorus Accepted
Josie Brendes-Alto Senior (2nd Year)
Ella Crumley-Soprano Junior (2nd Year)
Olivia Holm-Alto Junior (2nd Year)
Grace Kiboko-Alto Senior (2nd Year)
Megan Renz- Soprano Senior (2nd Year)
Casey Walker-Bass Junior (2nd Year)
Leroy Wilson-Tenor Sophomore (2nd Year)

Zackary Anderson-Bass Junior (1st Year)
Caleb Brock-Bass Sophomore (1st Year)
Emma Fauchier-Soprano Senior (1st Year)
Haylee Geiger-Soprano Sophomore (1st Year)
Sophie Good-Soprano Sophomore (1st Year)
Avery Hand-Alto Junior (1st Year)
Isaac Langley-Tenor Senior (1st Year)
Steven Madasu-Bass Junior (1st Year)
Casey Mich-Alto Senior (1st Year)
Dolan Pazour-Tenor Senior (1st Year)
Ryan Rosenburg-Tenor Senior (1st Year)
Alex Slingluff-Bass Sophomore (1st Year)
Mathew Tofanelli-Tenor Junior (1st Year)

The Iowa All-State Music Festival will be held Saturday, November 23rd at 7:30 at Hilton Coliseum in Ames.

A very limited number of tickets remain through Ticketmaster.

Iowa Public Television will record the concert. They are scheduled to broadcast it on Thanksgiving night, November 28th at 7:00 PM.