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LMHS Students Chosen to Perform at All-State Music Festival

The Linn-Mar High School Music Department had a total of 85 students audition for an opportunity to perform at the 2017 Iowa All-State Music Festival. Of these students, 50 were accepted to either the Iowa All-State band, orchestra or choir.

There were 13 accepted to the All-State Band with 5 alternates, 25 string players accepted to the All-State Orchestra, and 12 accepted to the All-State Chorus, with 2 alternates.

4th Yea: Kirsten Loynachan, bassoon
3rd Year: Sam Kelly, clarinet
2nd Year: Roxanna Barbulescu, clarinet; Jaeden Hansen, horn; John Herschberger, horn; Anna Kelly, trumpet; and Ashley Schmidt, horn
1st Year: Adam Bergen, euphonium; Aleah Dupree, horn, Nancy Herschberger, bassoon; Amy Kenneson, trombone; Isaac Langley, bass trombone; and Justin Yem, alto saxophone
1st Alternates: Matt Helberg, trumpet and Garrett Powell, baritone saxophone;
2nd Alternates: Sierra Christensen, percussion; Katie Greiner, alto saxophone; and Nathan Wylie, trumpet

3rd Year: Emma Gostonczik, alto; Daniel O’Hara, bass; and Bryce Spencer, bass
2nd Year: Katie Andreasen-Soprano; Megan Callahan, soprano; Ian Crumley, bass; and
Michael Kuchera, bass
1st Year: Josie Brendes, alto; Casey Cerveny, tenor; Alex Hohbein, tenor; Anusha Gopalam, soprano; and Casey Walker, tenor
Alternates: Mackenzie Jensen, alto (1st) and Kirsten Lancaster, soprano (2nd)

4th Year: Kathy Zhou, violin
3rd Year: Grace Ahlers, bass; Caleb Almasi, bass; James Hecht, bass; Daniel Low, cello; Joel Peterson, violin; and Sydney Walther, violin
2nd Year: Gloria Chang-Violin; Marissa Good, violin; and Sophie Hagen, violin
1st Year: Sophia Abodeely, violin; Katie Bellows, viola; Laura Evans, viola; Braeden Green, violin; Akash Gururaja, violin; Ben Hinz, cello; Mary Hodgman, cello; Ashley Kendrick, viola; Elizabeth Low, violin; Morgan Lu, cello; Sam Phillips, violin; Allie Schumacher, viola; Jessica Wang, cello; Allison Zelle, viola; and Savannah Zhou, viola

The concert is Saturday, November 18th at Hilton Coliseum in Ames.  Tickets are now available through Ticketmaster.

The concert is recorded for rebroadcast on Iowa Public Television and will be shown on Channel 12 Thanksgiving weekend.