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Middle School LEGO League Teams Advance to State!

Lego League teams from Excelsior and Oak Ridge will be presenting at Iowa State University in Ames this weekend..

Both Oak Ridge  teams were chosen as recipients of the Global Innovation Award at regional competition last month.

Mast 2019 (2)

The Oak Ridge LEGO Masters got the award for their Project Illuminate that would help astronauts traveling in deep space create Vitamin D to promote bone density and prevent osteopenia by using UVB lights.
Blast 2019 (1)
The Oak Ridge LEGO Blasters received the honor for the Gamma Pajamas, a one-piece undergarment that would block 57 percent of gamma radiation during deep space travel, to help keep astronauts healthy.

The Blasters also advanced to the state tournament to compete in the regular LEGO League competitions.

The two Lego League teams from Excelsior also advance.

Excelsior Red is working on a project to allow astronauts the ability to communicate with each other and family members through the use of a platform they are calling Spacebook.

Excelsior Red

Excelsior Black is working on a project that would allow astronauts to experience gravity in space.
This device would slow the rate of muscle and bone loss due to the lack of gravity.

Excelsior Black

Good luck to all our teams!