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New End of Day Pick-up Plan at Westfield

Westfield Elementary has been working with the Cedar Rapids Police Department and Traffic Engineering Division to address concerns with the after-school pick-up traffic on East Main Street during the after-school student pick-up time.

With East Main Street being a narrow residential street and having limited space for cars to line up before they enter the Westfield entrance, it has become a very unsafe procedure during this traffic congestion time. The safety of our students and community remains our top priority!

In collaboration with the City of Cedar Rapids, we need all parents and guardians to help us improve traffic flow, safety, and student pick-up efficiency by adhering to the following traffic pattern: During Pick-Up Time at 3:10 P.M or if you arrive before 3:10 P.M:

All parents and guardians who are picking up their child(ren) must enter on Amelia Drive NE and proceed southwest. Then right on Kensington Drive NE and enter the Westfield Elementary car lane. This will allow more room for a “queue” line and help ensure traffic continues to flow off from East Main Street.

Children will wait for their parents at the front of Westfield Elementary, just as they currently do now. We’ve included a map to help illustrate this new after-school pick-up traffic flow.

Key Points

Westfield Traffic UpdateDuring this peak busy time at the end of the school day, please do not try to access Westfield Elementary via the main entrance – this creates congestion and breaks apart the new pick-up line we are attempting to establish.

Instead, please get in the pick-up line by turning off East Main Street on to Amelia Drive NE, then turn right onto Kensington Drive NE, and then into Westfield Elementary.

– While waiting on Amelia and Kensington, try not to stop in front of a home driveway or exit your car.

– While in the car pick-up line, do not park and leave your vehicle in front of the school during pick-up time or while in line before arriving to the front of the school.

– At the pick-up line, students will be entering the car on the driver’s side of the car.

– If you have an appointment or need to go inside Westfield Elementary, you may enter the main entrance and park in the main parking lot. Then walk into the school for your appointment.

– Place your Name Card in a way it can be seen until your child is in your vehicle. In addition, please be courteous and pull out carefully as you exit through the main exit from the school.

– Please be patient and considerate: we understand the afternoon pick-up time can be challenging, and we appreciate everyone’s patience.

– The morning drop-off procedures will not change. Still enter and exit through the main entrance. We believe that if everyone follows this new traffic pattern, it will result in a safer and more efficient afterschool routine for all our families.

This new traffic pattern will take effect Monday, March 21

(The first day back to school from Spring Break)

Our staff, as well as members of the Cedar Rapids Police Department, will be on-site the first few days of the new traffic pattern to address concerns and help establish the new routine. We appreciate in advance everyone’s patience while we attempt to create a smoother and safer pick-up routine for everyone.

Mr. Ed Rogers, Principal